Wrist Wraps Heavy Duty (Brawn) 24.4″

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Designed to assist the wrist during heavy lifts.

Rappd Wrist Wraps 24.4″ Heavy Duty Elastic Brawn designed to assist the wrist during heavy lifts.


  • Green and Orange Stripes


Rappd have used a combination of soft cotton with elastic, to give you the support and comfort needed.

  • Provides support to the wrist joint during exercise or maximum strain
  • Assists in keeping wrist form
  • Prevents injuries
  • Keeps warmth within joint


Prevent Injury as the wrist can be pulled into excessive extension, under load and result in compromised mechanics, possible injury, and failed lifts.

The 24.4″ wrist wraps are suitable for but not limited to Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strong man Functional Training

19 reviews for Wrist Wraps Heavy Duty (Brawn) 24.4"

  1. Gabriella Blakeney

    Purchased for my husband.
    Exactly what he was looking for.
    Work great and good quality.

  2. Evie Jensen

    I’ve purchased a couple of other wrist wraps before, but these were by far the best quality. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a wrist support for exercise.

  3. Julian Morton

    I always had terrible wrist pain when benching. I tighten these up and it takes the strain off. Would def recommend.

  4. Bailey Allsop

    Best wrist/lifting wraps I have used. I purchased the 24.4” & are great, I can decide how tight it lose I want them depending on the lift

  5. Hunter Nona

    I use these in lifting competitions and almost every day at the gym. They perfect for any heavy lifting

  6. Dakota Gunson

    These wraps are incredibly durable; the material will last much longer through regular use than your typical elastic cloth. The construction is top notch. When used properly, they are very stiff, which is good for keeping your wrists stable.

  7. Zane Reid

    These are pretty heavy duty and you can def get them pretty tight. I would tell anyone looking to buy them, it’s better to go longer than shorter in my opinion. The longer you have the more you can wrap and really secure the joints on the wrist.

  8. Joel Hartley

    No matter what exercise I’m hitting, heavy bench, powering through shoulder presses, or just for that needed support on triceps extensions I hope I never have to do any of these without my Rappd wraps! Best quality wraps I’ve used in years.

  9. Toby Cusack

    I’ve tried other brands of wraps without success, but these items worked well right out of the box. I need them even more now that I’m increasing the amount of weight I lift.

  10. Jesse Amies

    I have been using these wraps for a couple weeks now. They are much better than I anticipated. I have been able to set a couple bench PR’s with them. I’m excited to see the progress using the wrist wraps. I really love how they come through with quality products at great prices.

  11. Declan Pethard

    Over the years I’ve bought more than a few wraps for powerlifting, and these are honestly the best. They give great compression and are rugged. If you never used wraps, get these, and use them every day in training. Whether you compete or not, they will increase your totals on all lifts, and help prevent those nagging little forearm pains.

  12. Joseph Maclanachan

    It’s a wrap and it works well. Seems solid and well made. And plenty supportive and yet comfortable. I haven’t had any other wraps to compare it to, but I don’t know what else it would do.

    In terms of size … any size will fit any wrist, it’s just a matter of how many times you want to wrap it around.

  13. Harry Heading

    Really comfortable and are great for stiffening my wrists on heavy presses (425 lb 1rm) They have a great feel and the length enables me to get varying stiffness as needed. Wide enough to cover the entire joint easily. I’ve used several different wraps and these so far are the best I’ve used

  14. Blake Phocas

    I have arthritis in both my hands at the base of my thumbs. It gets pretty painful now when I have to do anything that involves pressure on them. I purchased the Rappd Wrist Wraps to see if they would help with my thumbs. I bring the wrap up a little higher so that my thumbs are held in tight to my hand. The difference was night and day. Not only were my wrists much more stable, my thumbs felt 90% better. They still hurt some but nowhere near as much. I am totally pleased with my Rappd Wrist Wraps and would recommend them to anyone. They are high quality also.

  15. Joel Congreve

    These wraps work amazing! I never really used any kind of support while working out except for the occasional weight belt at the end of a lower back day session at the gym. I tried it the first day I was doing bench press but didn’t use them until my last 2 sets which were a bit heavier. Although I could normally do those sets without wraps, the wraps definitely helped me focus on using my chest to lift instead of worrying about the strain on my wrists bending back. I even hit a new PR! Honestly, I just never really believed in wraps, but this definitely changed my mind. Will definitely be recommending friends and family to use if they ever lift heavier weights.

  16. Brodie Gregory

    Awesome wraps guys.

  17. Sean Baudin

    Quality brand guys. Love these wraps!

  18. Joseph Couvreur

    Heaps of support! Highly recommend this model wraps.

  19. Michael Hain

    I have large wrists and was recommended to buy the Brawn wrist wraps by my PT. Very impressed with the tension and support.

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