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Rappd 13″ Elastic Wrist Wraps are used to maximize wrist stability while minimising wrist fatigue during reps.

Featuring a fully adjustable closure and thumb loops to secure the wrap on hands, the wrist wraps offer strong support designed to help you lift more over longer workouts and reap optimal benefits.

Rappd have used a combination of soft cotton with elastic, to give you the support and comfort needed. We have incorporated a thumb loop for easy application.




  • Provides support to the wrist joint during exercise or maximum strain
  • Assists in keeping wrist form
  • Prevents injuries
  • Keeps warmth within joint

Prevent Injury as the wrist can be pulled into excessive extension, under load and result in compromised mechanics, possible injury, and failed lifts.

The 13″ wrist wraps are suitable for but not limited to CrossFit, Functional Training, Bodybuilding

15 reviews for Wrist Wraps 13" (Pink)

  1. Leah De Neeve

    Definately a great wrist guard when you need extra support, and in general at the gym as an injury heals.

  2. Brooke Howe

    I absolutely love these, they provide great support for your wrists and are pretty durable.

  3. Lilly Fyans

    My brother recommended these, and they work great!

  4. Sara Feakes

    Using any wrist wraps for the first time in my life and bought these trusting the advise of my trainer. Absolutely happy with them! I struggled with wrist pain lifting weights earlier and these provided a welcome relief!

  5. Abbey Dakin

    Bought the 13″ wraps, fit just right for a secure setup when lifting. I would not want anything larger.

  6. Georgia Bancroft

    Working really well for my kettlebell exercises to help protect my wrists from getting all bruised. They are the perfect size and stay on well.

  7. Dakota Strickland

    Product is of high quality and looks stylish when you wear.

  8. Skye Bathurst

    These are absolutely fabulous and have helped with my hand and wrist pain since I’ve been working out. Love them and will not work out without them. They are a staple in my routine now.

  9. Claudia Basedow

    Wrists were hurting cuz of over training… been wearing these during the day and my wrists feel much better after a week! good stuff….

  10. Chelsea Wunderly

    Quality and value. Bought them for mom and she loves them. Help she use the weights with out herting her wrist. Highly recommend

  11. Jaxon Isles

    I have small wrists and these have been extremely helpful keeping my wrists pain free during squats and bench press.

  12. Jai Parrott

    Great support for my wrists when lifting, highly recommend for any power lifters.

  13. Tyson Kern

    I love love love these! I use them now for all my heavy lifts – even deadlifts. My wrists had been feeling so achy and weak – these definitely did the trick. I should add I am also on my computer all day for work,, so combined with weightlifting my wrists get a little achy and the support feels good!

  14. Levi Selfe

    I have small joint but I lift heavy and these are a perfect combination of getting that “encased” feeling from a good knee or wrist wrap without being so bulky or unforgiving that it distracts from lifting. I have 7″ wrists and the small size is more than enough.

  15. Finn Goderich

    Going to be upfront here, these Gymreapers were not my first choice. I wanted a particular Norse inspired brand…but after a couple weeks of checking and them being sold out, I had to move on a purchose. My wrists were giving me some trouble on heavier bench presses and overhead lifts, so it was time to get some wraps before I hurt myself.

    I could tell the build qualityof this product was nice. Far better than I expected for the price, that’s for sure. Let me re-state: EXCEEDINGLY better than expected. Tried them on and they wrapped well, fit nice and felt sturdy.

    After a few trips to the gym, I can attest that they’ve held up well. No wear or stitching issues. Still look new. And when wrapped and under load, they simply don’t buckle.

    Don’t hesitate to buy.

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