Wrist Wraps 13″ (Green)

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Rappd 13″ Elastic Wrist Wraps are used to maximize wrist stability while minimising wrist fatigue during reps.

Featuring a fully adjustable closure and thumb loops to secure the wrap on hands, the wrist wraps offer strong support designed to help you lift more over longer workouts and reap optimal benefits.

Rappd have used a combination of soft cotton with elastic, to give you the support and comfort needed. We have incorporated a thumb loop for easy application.


  • Hot Pink
  • Baby Blue
  • Fluro Green
  • Classic Black



  • Provides support to the wrist joint during exercise or maximum strain
  • Assists in keeping wrist form
  • Prevents injuries
  • Keeps warmth within joint

Prevent Injury as the wrist can be pulled into excessive extension, under load and result in compromised mechanics, possible injury, and failed lifts.

The 13″ wrist wraps are suitable for but not limited to CrossFit, Functional Training, Bodybuilding

15 reviews for Wrist Wraps 13" (Green)

  1. Sean Truebridge

    Put my wrist wraps to the test to today .. Man i just got to say I couldn’t be happier. I’m blown away by the quality of these wraps. Not to mention I was moving weight with these bad boys like nobody’s business! Thank you for such an awesome product!

  2. Daniel Strange

    I use these while exercising and found them to be very while providing great wrist support.

  3. Caitlin Osborn

    Injured my wrist and couldn’t lift anything. Great wrap for my injury. I can lift again.

  4. Patrick Mowll

    These wristwraps are well constructed and sturdy. As expected they were stiff to start, but once they were used , broke in nicely. Definitely would recommend.

  5. Annabelle Baskerville

    Since using these I can lift more in my pressing exercises. I have a lot of pain with the front rack position as well as a few others. Now I only use these when i feel some tenderness.

  6. Timothy Griffin

    I really like these. They are my first pair and I used them yesterday and they definitely helped. Great stretch and easy to get on and off.

  7. Elijah Joubert

    Great product at a great price! I have arthritis in my wrists and was looking for more stability and support during my lifting and these definitely helped! Provided good support w/ comfort as well!

  8. Alexandra Buckmaster

    I absolutely love these! From comfort to color to stretch to the support. These are amazing! These are the second pair I’ve ever owned and as long as these straps are being made by this company I won’t go anywhere else. I’ve recovered from a broken wrist a year ago so my wrist is tender still and needing support. These wrist straps are exactly what was needed.

  9. Grace McBurney

    I have a lot of issues with my wrists during workouts. I am currently doing 80 day obsession and there are a lot of plank holds and pushups, as well as weight training. I ordered these to help take the pressure off of my wrists and they have been great! I haven’t experienced near the fatigue or pain I was having without them.
    Worth the try!

  10. Hugo Wiseman

    I’ve used these as soon as I got them and they’ve improved a lot of my lifting by supporting my wrist very well. They’re also very comfortable they are very smooth on the skin. They are easily adjustable and to manage. They have a good amount of color choices to go by.

  11. Beau Hateley

    Great product! Received as described. Thanks

  12. Edward Mayne

    It supports my wrist like I need it to and the quality is great!

  13. Andrew Bennet

    Comfortable and reliable! Good quality and good looking…

  14. Tristan Hyland

    Very good product has helped me increase my grip and has helped me prevent injuries. It is worth the investment!

  15. Jake Galea

    Wear these to the gym for some heavy lifts several times a week. Had them for a few months and havent had a single issue with them.

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