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Rappd 13″ Elastic Wrist Wraps are used to maximize wrist stability while minimising wrist fatigue during reps.

Featuring a fully adjustable closure and thumb loops to secure the wrap on hands, the wrist wraps offer strong support designed to help you lift more over longer workouts and reap optimal benefits.

Rappd have used a combination of soft cotton with elastic, to give you the support and comfort needed. We have incorporated a thumb loop for easy application.




  • Provides support to the wrist joint during exercise or maximum strain
  • Assists in keeping wrist form
  • Prevents injuries
  • Keeps warmth within joint

Prevent Injury as the wrist can be pulled into excessive extension, under load and result in compromised mechanics, possible injury, and failed lifts.

The 13″ wrist wraps are suitable for but not limited to CrossFit, Functional Training, Bodybuilding

16 reviews for Wrist Wraps 13" (Blue)

  1. Sofia Clogstoun

    Having been one to not use accessories for workout, I’m happy to have found wrist wraps. Specifically, I am training for planche & front lever holds, so mobilizing the wrist muscles are key to my growth and grip strength. The wrist wraps are comfortable & fit just right for the size of my hands. I’m thankful for the investment.

  2. Grace Greenway

    Provides added stability to wrists during various weightlifting exercises. solid construction.

  3. Bailey Hardman

    These are good wraps, they are pretty firm and help me with my kettlebell sets and other lifting needs. They feel like they’re made of durable material – will see in the near future.

  4. Mitchell De Mole

    I am a small women and these fit well. I’ve been using them for a month now. They seem to be durable and definitely add more stability to my wrist when working out.

  5. Erin Flinn

    I like good quality and won’t stand for cheap garbage these are definitely good quality they got a durability and and they’re stretchy to add stiffness on the wrist really good product I would buy it again thank you

  6. Molly Ellen

    I was just looking for some wrist straps to stabilize my wrists when lifting. I like these straps because they do the job. They are flexible and comfortable and for the price they are a good value and I would definitely by another set.

  7. Sara Queale

    I’ve been having a lot of pain in both my wrists, especially when doing pressing exercises, pushups were impossible. I started using these wraps and the pain has greatly reduced. Before doing any heavy lifts I put them on and snug them up pretty tight, I usually undo them between sets. If I remember to use them I usually have little to no pain in my wrists after working out.

  8. Charles Raymond

    I have used several wrist wraps and these are the best ones so far.

  9. Ben Mocatta

    I purchased the 13 inch wrap to get some additional support for my wrist when playing tennis. I am 5’5″ weight-height proportionate with small wrists. These are exactly what I was looking for. I’m wearing this wrap in place of a wrist band. You can snug the wrap as tight as you need it. This is a great product!

  10. Laura Higgs

    Not just for lifting! I bought them for yoga. My wrists are my weak point, and would get sore after more intensive yoga classes. Between these and a wrist stretching routine before class, my wrists are doing great! I bought the 13″ size and they’re perfect for this use… not too long and bulky. I’ve had other women ask about them in class and one even tried them and loved them also.

  11. Ashton Scherf

    Work great for me. I have a cyst in my wrist at makes extending my wrist painful such as in thrusters or push ups. I was worried about getting the longer strap for CrossFit but works great and gove support. They do have some stretch and flexibility. They don’t complete eliminate my pain but make it so much better

  12. Hayden Leahy

    I use these for weightlifting and during rugby practice if I don’t have tape or don’t feel like taping my wrists. These are a good alternative to taping. It’s quick and durable. In the gym, I use them for power cleans, bench, front squats, etc. I have tiny wrists (7 in) and ended up getting the 13 in wraps. I’m glad I did because they’re more than enough support and the larger ones would have been too thick/stiff. You don’t need to keep your thumb in the thumb loop, but it starts rotating a bit if you don’t.

  13. Elijah Hayter

    Great for lifting and anything that could be hard on your wrists and the gym! Very comfortable

  14. Jacob Krimper

    Quality product. I wear these almost every day at the gym. Very comfortable and solid fit.

  15. Aaron Forlonge

    I bought these to help support my wrist after a recent injury. These provide excellent support, allowing me to work out without risking additional damage.

  16. Aiden Yelverton

    2nd pair. Last forever with proper care. Only reason I had to get another pair was cause I lost one of mine.
    Wrap them around my ankles during rope climbs too.

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