Wrist Wraps 13″ (Black)

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Rappd 13″ Elastic Wrist Wraps are used to maximize wrist stability while minimising wrist fatigue during reps.

Featuring a fully adjustable closure and thumb loops to secure the wrap on hands, the wrist wraps offer strong support designed to help you lift more over longer workouts and reap optimal benefits.

Rappd have used a combination of soft cotton with elastic, to give you the support and comfort needed. We have incorporated a thumb loop for easy application.


  • Hot Pink
  • Baby Blue
  • Fluro Green
  • Classic Black



  • Provides support to the wrist joint during exercise or maximum strain
  • Assists in keeping wrist form
  • Prevents injuries
  • Keeps warmth within joint

Prevent Injury as the wrist can be pulled into excessive extension, under load and result in compromised mechanics, possible injury, and failed lifts.

The 13″ wrist wraps are suitable for but not limited to CrossFit, Functional Training, Bodybuilding

19 reviews for Wrist Wraps 13" (Black)

  1. Lola Molineux

    Was having issues with my left wrist, constant pain on any curling motion. I tried a lot of wrist straps before this and I can say this one works the best for me, Increases the strength in my lifts and diminished the pain to almost not noticeable.

  2. Gabrielle Walling

    Good quality and very comfortable

  3. Seth Woollard

    I injured my wrist picking up my young son and have not been able to bench at full strength for about a month. Once I put these one of these on the injured wrist, it provideded enough stability that I was able to bench pain free. Would highly recommend them.

  4. Flynn Kleeberg

    I have painful wrists and hand joints as well as very weak wrists. I couldn’t hold a plank or do a push-up. These wrist bands helped enormously. They may be made for weight lifters, but they work perfectly for pilates, as well. Very very well made.

  5. Aiden Nerli

    Nice price. Quality is solid and very comfortable. Keeps my wrists tight and straight when benching without slipping. 10/10 would recommend.

  6. Gabriel Sambell

    Simple and effective. 100% satisfied. I would definitely buy again if necessary.

  7. Darcy Innes-Noad

    I bought this item because I needed support for my wrist when bench pressing. I was worried how it would fit me, if it would be comfortable, and how much support it would provide. I’m very satisfied in all categories. In addition, for the price, item seem to be made very well.

  8. Eliza Rich

    My wrist were killing me after certain lifts in crossfit, wasn’t really sure how much these would help, but they seem to help quite a bit. Wrists always feel much better after working out than they used to. Would recommend to anyone with wrist issues when working out with weights.

  9. Tyson To Rot

    I unfortunately lost them, but while I had them they were great! Would definitely buy again.

  10. Charlie Bidencope

    These lifting straps are awesome. This is my second pair as I lost one of the two I ordered 2 years ago. They are durable and help my wrists when I am benching. Without them I feel alot of pain in the wrists and these alleviate that. Highly recommended.

  11. Mason Alt

    I like its design, so even I lost several pairs. I keep buying the same one. It is super stable.

  12. Justin Sumsuma

    I recently started having wrist pain while weight training. I actually have to wear one on my right wrist most of the day. These appear to be high quality and definitely keep your wrist secure during heavy exercise.

  13. Matthew Flakelar

    Great when I need that extra stabilization in the wrists for some exercises.

  14. Rory Hytten

    I have tiny wrists and these are still super effective. I love these so much more than the elastic wrist wraps. I’ve had mine for over a year and they are holding up nicely. I also use 5-6 days a week and wrap and unwrap between each set. Very well made!!

  15. Brock Forro

    Before I bought this my wrists were usually an issue in pressing movements in the gym. Bending while pressing dumbells which can really throw off your form which can hinder results. I have found my lifts go up gradually and have seen better results since I have been using these. These are machine wash safe even though it says to hand wash them which I have no idea why you would to begin with. And the material is nice and secure with a comfortable fit around your wrists. Very adjustable as well and they look great in the gym when wearing them. They do the job no matter how big the lift you are pressing. I highly reccommend this product to anyone to help improve their results in the gym.

  16. Michael Farrar

    I used my last set for years until I left them at the gym. I expect these will outlast my ability to hang on to them as well. I have some carpel tunnel irritation from long work hours in front of a computer. These provide some relief without cutting off the circulation, and they reduce the pain I get when benching heavy. I can easily adjust the tension to Traditional wraps have never been a lot of help compared to these.

  17. Tristan Storkey

    I was experiencing a lot of wrist pain whenever I would do overhead squats during my Crossfit workouts. I just wasn’t able to do a weight I was satisfied with because of this pretty strong pain whenever I would hold my bar overhead. A fellow Crossfitter suggested these bands and said they helped him tremendously with his weak wrists. He used them for everything, not just overhead movements. They are pretty inexpensive and a great investment if you have weak wrists. They definitely give me support for those overhead squats but also help my with my clean and jerks and even my front squats. I’d definitely recommend.

  18. Brodie Herlitz

    Over time, my wrists have become weaker when doing heavy curls, pushups (including tricep ones), and other common pulling and pressing exercises. Talked to a trainer at my gym and he recommended this brand. So far, I’m super happy and definitely feeling less pain performing a number of different exercises. My grip has also improved. I’m a medium build and my wrist measures 6″. These fit snuggly and comfortably enough for me but if you are petite, they will be problematic. I would definitely recommend these wraps for anyone seeking a little boost in wrist support.

  19. Lucas Dettmann

    These wrist supports have been a lifesaver. I have small wrists and have incurred multiple wrist injuries when strength training, which often force me to reduce or even eliminate my workouts for weeks or months. Recently I developed pain in my left wrist that was bad enough it was keeping me from working out at all. I decided to try these out to see if they helped. The difference was night-and-day. With these strapped tight I was able to resume my workouts with little to no pain, which has allowed my wrist to get better while still keeping up with my workouts. I’m going to keep using these even after I’m back to 100% to prevent further injuries.

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