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Drop the hammer on fatigue! War Hammer is all about high stim energy, mega pumps and zoned in focus. Get more out of every minute in the gym with War Hammer’s high caffeine, high performance formulation. A hard hitting, high impact blend of Citruline Malate, Beta Alanine, Tyrosine, Bitter Orange and Caffeine lift your performance to new heights, and Walnut extract, Lotus leaf and Theanine improve cognition and smooth out the intense buzz and let you get to work making gains!

Hard hitting performance when it counts!

International Protein War Hammer is Internationals strongest pre-workout yet, being a high stimulant and having anti crash agents in this formula, You can’t go wrong with war hammer!

  • 100% transparent label
  • Supports muscle pump
  • Decreases muscle fatigue & exercise
  • Improves attention, focus & mood workout
  • Increases energy – strong caffeine dose

Flavour Bubblegum Grape, Honeydew Melon, Peach Orange, Pineapple Mango


  • 3000mg Citrulline Malate – The original and the best pre-workout ingredient! All the pump promoting benefits of L-Citrulline (increasing nitric oxide) with the ability to convert food into useable energy (ATP), to help provide more energy for high-intensity exercise!  Massive pump with delayed onset of exercise-induced fatigue in one ingredient!
  • 150mg Walnut Extract – a natural plant extract that helps improve cognitive performance, including improved reaction time and mental function.
  • 20mg Vitamin B3 – as well as helping the body to produce energy, it has a role producing certain hormones for the adrenal glands


500mg L-Tyrosine,350mg Caffeine,60mg Bitter Orange,150mg Walnut Extract,100mg Lotus Leaf,250mg Theanine,20mg Vitamin B3


Take 1 Scoop (12 Grams) mixed with 1100 ml of water.

19 reviews for War Hammer - Honeydew Melon

  1. Hudson Kidston

    Great pre workout before heading to the gym 💪🏻

  2. Georgia Amies

    This think is so strong I can feel through my nerves when it kicks in.

  3. Jack Main

    Gives me that extra push when I workout. It’s been my workout partner for over 2 years now.

  4. Milla Duffield

    This Pre workout works great. I love the flavor. Just the flavor alone will have ready for your Pre workout.

  5. Jamie Blomfield

    Helped my workout significantly and gave me energy

  6. Isaac Hornung

    Awesome for the price love the flavor

  7. Brayden Gotch

    Does exactly what it says, no jitters. Clean energy.

  8. Jasper Dyson

    Great taste, no jitters, works great.

  9. Tayla Caird

    I’ve tried a few pre workouts before and this one is the tops.

  10. Hamish Slapoffski

    Great flavor. Gives me a boost for working out.

  11. Jorja Mulligan

    Love the flavor, love the sustainable energy and pump I get from it,

  12. Spencer Mullens

    This is THE BEST flavour of preworkout I’ve ever had

  13. Riley Finlay

    Best pre workout I’ve tried hands down!

  14. Natasha Krichauff

    This stuff will get you boosted and make you have soooo much energy!!

  15. Riley Monnier

    Great product, natural, healthy, and effective.

  16. Max Miljanovic

    So good! Tastes delicious, dissolves really well, and gives me just the right amount of energy to work out after work without keeping me up all night.

  17. Harry Bamford

    This stuff is amazing, and tastes excellent !!

  18. Natasha Scherf

    Great taste . Gives me energy !

  19. Joel Rimmer

    Been using this for years! Great pre workout

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