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VIPER Leather Gloves will give you support without compromising comfort or feel whilst giving you an advantage with uncompromised grip.Australian designed with high quality stiching and quality materials.The Rappd Viper Training Gloves are suited to a wide range of applications ie. Weight Training, Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Functional Training.

Rappd Viper Training Gloves are made with genuine soft Goats leather, giving you comfort, support and grip.

Awesome gloves for weight training.

Rappd use only the best suited materials to give you comfort and the support needed to maximise your workout.

  • Genuine soft Goats Leather
  • Large mesh top ensures this glove is breathable
  • Double leather on palm area for longevity
  • Memory foam padding evenly distributed on palm
  • Removal hooks for easy release
  • Heavy duty Velcro close to secure your glove


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Size XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL

21 reviews for VIPER Leather Gloves - Sml

  1. Evie Brownbill

    Awesome product! It provides great grip and comfortable use.

  2. Isla Rundle

    Gloves are perfect for me. They are easy on/off. Provides support where needed. Size is good. I ordered small. I will buy these from now on. Great quality

  3. Aidan Long

    I bought these gloves for My Wife in order to protect her hands when lifting weights. She seems to enjoy using them. They actually fit her small hands.

  4. Ellie Wollaston

    These are a PERFECT fit!! Amazing quality! I was afraid which size to get becuase I am a small girl. I thought for sure the small would either be too small or not a true small. Nope. These fit like a glove! Literally!! I love them! I cannot wait to use these in the gym!! I am so excited! I will update when I have used these after a few gym sessions to update any wear on them! So far, love the color, style, and fit!!

  5. Joel Plate

    I actually bought these to mostly use for horse back riding. I have joint pain in my hands, and these gloves are awesome for working out, riding my horse, and even pushing a mower or driving the riding mower. I love them so much, I bought two pairs. They wash great and hold shape. I’m hard on them, and so far after several uses, they have held up great.

  6. Ebony Snodgrass

    These gloves fit so well, especially in the area where my palm and wrist meet.

  7. Abby Sleeman

    These Leather Workout Gloves are just what I needed, especially during my Kettle bell workouts and when lifting weights. The extra padding on the palm of the glove supplies extra support and helps for a more comfortable grip. The mesh on the top of the glove also helps for my hand to breathe and produce less sweat. The craftmanship of the glove is top notch and one of the best workout gloves I have purchased in long time. A much needed purchase if you are a frequent gym/workout person like myself.

  8. Annabelle Raper

    These gloves are solid in their construction and should last many years.

  9. Madeline Virtue

    I am in love with these gloves! Working out isn’t my favorite activity, so I need as much motivation, and as little discomfort as possible. These gloves have done the trick!

    I was worried that the gloves wouldn’t fit, but they are the perfect size for my small hands

  10. Sienna Gordon

    I work out daily with weights of some sort (dumbbell, kettlebell, sandbag) and varying sizes so I have a lot of gloves including gold gym, harbinger, everlast, etc. So far these are my favorites. I found them to be the perfect fit neither too tight nor too loose across the palm or fingers. I do have to peel them off at the end but that is because they fit, well, like a glove. Just the right amount of cushion so that my hands aren’t torn up yet I can still get a good grip on the weight. That is especially important for the kettlebells (I know, I really should be just using chalk for kb but I prefer gloves). I haven’t had them long- just a couple of weeks- but I have been using them every day often twice a day and so far haven’t had any problem with stitching. I plan to order in different colors because I like them so much.

  11. Jamie Tooth

    The gloves feel great and the wrists support are even better. I was scared of doing heavy weights at times because of the effects on my wrist but these give me the support I need.

  12. Daniel Haszler

    These gloves are the real deal. durable, quality material, love the added wrist support.

  13. Anthony Fidler

    Excellent. Very comfortable and long lasting

  14. Thomas Snider

    I used the gloves for weightlifting

  15. Max Victor

    Durable and also a comfortable feeling. Helps me a lot with my grip when doing deadlifts!

  16. Daniel Mathias

    Great wrist support and very comfortable.I’m going on my second pair!

  17. Aaron Adam

    These gloves are a tight fit. Works very well helping me get around my wheelchair. The wrist wraps help to protect my shirt sleeves.

  18. Elijah Skemp

    Good quality and price is very affordable for the gloves

  19. Ethan Schleinitz

    Provides a good grip with good wrist support.

  20. Logan Braund

    Great gloves as long as they dry before heavy lifting, they will last a long time.

  21. Caleb Mirams

    Excellent high quality very comfortable, good for training hard..

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