Single Loop Lifting Straps – Green

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Rappd Single Loop Lifting Straps

  • 100% Cotton
  • Neoprene Padding
  • 1.5″ Width
  • 24″ Long
  • Improve Grip

Lifting straps are a great addition to your repertoire as they will aid in grip and help you train the desired body part without forearm fatigue and grip fatigue.

Lifting straps are a great way to help you train without forearm strain and grip fatigue. Rappd great quality accessories will ensure you get the best out of your body for your training session.


For those of you who have always wondered what the benefits of lifting straps are!
Lifting straps are an implement, used by wrapping them around your wrists and then the dumbbell – barbell or chin up bar. This attaches the weight to your wrist, alleviating the strain on your forearms and grip.

Using weight lifting straps properly, will allow you to focus all your effort on the target muscle.
Putting this into perspective I will give you an example of the effectiveness of weight lifting straps. Let’s say you are doing a set of deadlifts and you aim for 7 repetitions. On your 6th rep your grip starts to fail and your forearms become overworked, making the last rep near impossible to complete.
If you were using lifting straps though, this would never happen, because your grip and forearm are taken out of the equation. You can then concentrate on working out your back for maximum muscle gains. You will also notice that with lifting straps you will be able to lift more weight immediately, intern this will give you the opportunity to gain more muscle.
So you should definitely consider using lifting straps on your back exercises such as deadlifts, barbell rows, Pull ups, chin ups and shrugs. Try not to over use the straps, as your body will adapt and get used to not gripping so hard.
To combat this try using the lifting straps towards the end of your sets and having a short break from using them, keeping your body versatile, also perform specific forearm and grip exercises, eg: wrist curls.
Lifting straps will help you on your way to developing that wide strong and muscular back that all lifters strive for.

Rappd have a wide range of gym gear to suit any fitness application ie. CrossFit, Functional training, Bodybuilding, Weight lifting, Olympic lifting, Strong man, Powerlifting, Strong woman or Home fitness.

15 reviews for Single Loop Lifting Straps - Green

  1. Gabriel Gurney

    Lost my prior pair so I grabbed these. Used for deadlifts twice now, but will go ahead and call these the best straps I’ve ever owned. Very comfortable, perfect strap length (important to me), awesome material. I can’t find anything wrong with them.

  2. Sophia Moroney

    I think its a great buy. personally i dint use lifting straps but its pretty supportive as well as a gorgeous color

  3. Darcy Kruse

    They are sturdy and pretty comfortable as long as you know how to properly use/wear them. I use them for shoulder shrugs, deadlifts, and other back exercises when trying to put lees emphasis on forearms.

    Good investment overall for those wanting to lift heavy, but you don’t need straps if doing simple resistance.

  4. Dylan Bottrill

    These straps were just what I needed. I purchased these straps to assist my grip strength on “pull” days at the gym. They really help with deadlifts and rowing exercises in the gym

  5. Alexander Walpole

    wife likes these as they fit nice and tight and the grip they provide is good.
    padded wrist stops digging in which as great. overall great product.

  6. Aiden Hutchens

    Awesome straps!! Real easy to use and work great. My grip was always giving out while doing heavy deadlifts, limiting the amount of reps I could do. Was able to lift heavier for more reps. They’re made well and are very comfortable as well. I only wish I would’ve bought them sooner.

  7. Bianca Wheen

    Best lifting straps i have used.

  8. James Tindale

    I can personally vouch for the strength of the Rappd lifting straps. I have pulled 330kg deadlifts and the straps are holding up still. Super impressed!

  9. Lilly Meares

    Straps dont cut into skin like some other inferior brands

  10. Sienna Fullerton

    Great service and advice. The straps worked a treat for deadlifts.

  11. Jayden Harford

    Awesome quality guys

  12. Tyler Plunkett

    Now pushing alot heavier deads with my Rappd lifting straps. Matches my belt too!

  13. Timothy Allcot

    Awesome lifting straps. I have had other cheap straps in the past that burn my wrists and cut me. These straps have padding and are 100% cotton., worth the money.

  14. Levi Kincaid

    Love these lifting straps. Super strong and comfortable.

  15. Caleb Sennitt

    I have had my Rappd straps for nearly 2 years and must say they are the only straps I have owned to not tear after 6 months. I push heavy weight as I am a strongman competitor and the straps are bullet proof.

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