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Start your day with high protein pancakes! International Protein High Protein Pancakes is a delicious ready-to-go mix for delicious pancakes that make a difference. With over 20g of protein and much needed carbs, your nutritious breakfast or snack is ready in just a few minutes. This muscle-building meal is a good source of fibre and contains high-quality ingredients, including whey protein isolate, coconut flour and egg albumin.

  • Uses organic coconut flour.
  • Simply add water & shake.
  • Gluten-free.
  • High in fibre.

Protein Pancake mix in a bottle – simply add water, shake, and pour your delicious protein pancakes into the hot pan, without the calorie regret.  Protein-packed pancakes are sold in 6 packs so you can enjoy these delectable guilt-free treats over and over again. They’re gluten-free, so are an excellent choice for sensitive stomachs, and are a great source of fibre. These pancakes are a healthy treat at any time of day for anyone that trains hard and is nutrition-conscious; eat them for breakfast or indulge post-workout instead of taking your usual protein powder.


Ever wondered what the best protein pancake mix is? Try our deliciously healthy protein pancakes in a bottle, packed with all the right ingredients, without any of the added nasties. Not only are these pancakes high in protein, but they are also gluten-free and an excellent source of fibre.

To take the mess and waste out of pancake making, International Protein’s high protein pancake mix comes in a convenient two serve bottle. Just add water up to the line, shake and cook. Making breakfast has never been so quick and easy. Each serving makes two large pancakes and packs in a whopping 20g of protein from WPI. Add toppings such as cacao nibs for a chocolate flavour, peanut butter, or berries and yoghurt, but they are delicious on their own as well.

If you don’t want to use all the protein pancake mix immediately, you can store the remainder in the fridge, and it will be good for up to two days. The pancakes are tender and light with a subtle maple flavour, and they taste so delicious that you won’t even notice that they are healthy!



Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is a popular low carbohydrate, high fibre flour source due to its fantastic taste and rich nutrient levels. Coconut flour is the perfect alternative to regular flour, or the maize flours often used in gluten-free products. Coconut flour supports your digestive health and can also help to maintain your blood sugar at a healthy level. Plus, it contains medium-chain triglycerides, boosting your metabolism and providing a steady release of energy.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

The whey protein isolate used in all of our products comes from health and happy grass-fed cows. Grass-fed WPI has a better nutritional profile than its counterparts, offering more Vitamin E, CLA, and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to improved heart health, eye health, and may be a mood-booster. WPI is low in carbs and fat and is an extremely pure, high-quality protein. It also has less lactose than other forms of whey, so it is more easily digested by those with lactose intolerance. Whey protein isolate contains plenty of branched-chain amino acids to aid in muscle tissue repair and muscle protein synthesis.

Egg Albumen

Egg albumen, or egg whites, are full of protein and add to the nutritional profile of this product without adding a lot of calories. They contain almost no fat and minimal carbs while bursting with protein. Egg albumen is more slowly digested by the body than whey to continue a steady supply of amino acids into the system for an extended period of time.



Whether you are looking for a scrumptious breakfast to start your day or a healthy dessert choice that won’t blow out your macros, these tasty pancakes are a great choice. They take very little prep time; simply add water up to the line on the bottle, shake well, and pour into a hot frying pan. Once the top is bubbling, flip the pancake over and cook until both sides are deliciously crispy. No more messing around with a recipe, trying to perfect the method. Get these pancakes right the first time! As they already have a subtle maple taste, you don’t need to add any unhealthy sugar-based syrups or butter over the top. You can consume them as-is or opt for protein-rich Greek yoghurt over the top. Other pancake topping options include blueberries, melon, stewed apples, or cottage cheese. If you want an extra-tasty treat, we love to mix Gourmet WPI protein powder with a no-added-sugar yoghurt and pour on top. Or you could add some sugar-free cacao powder to the yoghurt for a chocolate substitute.


Servings per Pack:  2 serves
Serving Size:  2 Pancakes (65g powder, approx. 150g when prepared as directed)
Ave Qty Per Serve Ave Qty Per 100g (powder) Ave Qty Per 100g (when prepared as directed)

  943 kJ

    225 Cal
1451 kJ

    347 Cal
629 kJ

    150 Cal
Protein 20.1 g 30.9 g 13.4 g
Fat – Total

      –  Saturated
  4.2 g

  3.9 g
  6.5 g

  6.1 g
2.8 g

  2.6 g
Carbohydrates  – Total

                         – Sugars
  26.1 g

  2.6 g
  40.2 g

  4.0 g
  17.4 g

  1.7 g
Sodium      465 mg    715 mg    310 mg
Dietary Fibre     6.8 g    10.4 g    4.5 g


Just add water up to the line, shake and cook.

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20 reviews for Protein Pancakes - Maple

  1. Noah Mais

    Tastes amazing

  2. Ashton Ainsworth

    Great product. Mixes easily and tastes awesome.

  3. Patrick Rusconi

    Good stuff. Its my 2nd order

  4. Paige Cranswick

    Delicious, would definitely buy in the future!

  5. Koby Jarvis

    I love this pancake mix, it’s very tasty and satisfies my pancake cravings and adds extra protein to my diet.

  6. Mikayla Kennerley

    This stuff is AWESOME!!! The maple flavor is the best one so far!

  7. Zara Urquhart

    Delicious and easy to make!

  8. Caitlin Ruatoka

    These protein pancakes are delish! I have no regrets.

  9. Charli Ciantar

    Great quality….quickly delivered

  10. Bella McEwen

    Loaded with protein and tastes good..

  11. Imogen Broome

    This stuff is amazing, this is the first time I have ever tried protein pancakes before. I am sticking with this brand and flavor!

  12. Elizabeth Cardwell

    Very tasty and filling…

  13. Alana Bauer

    Tastes better than regular pancakes! Kids love them too!!

  14. Mikayla Sixsmith

    My favorite pancake mix. Easy prep and they are delicious.

  15. Audrey Hmelnitsky

    Bought this out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. Tastes pretty good and great for making meals in advance for work and travel.

  16. Layla Willoughby

    I won’t bother with any other protein pancake brand again. Taste and texture are on the money!

  17. Emily Prinsep

    These turned out great!! Taste delicious. I got the Maple flavor and they just have a subtle sweetness. Can’t wait to add blueberries and nuts to mix it up. These are so easy to make!

  18. Isabella Dalgarno

    Tastes great and is good for you

  19. Hannah Sheean

    I love the protein pancakes, test very good and is very easy to prep.

  20. Molly Grice

    The Protien Pancakes were super quick and easy to make and tasted great will be buying them again.

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