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Noway Bodybalance – Banana flavour collagen protein

Enjoy this fabulous Banana flavoured hydrolyzed collagen protein. What’s more is that it’s enriched with coconut MCT!

Directions of use

Take 18g of NOWAY in 250ml of cold water as a daily protein supplement. After exercise, consume 18g of NOWAY to increase muscle mass and growth.

Use it to make your favourite banana flavoured smoothies or milkshakes. Or add to your low carb pancake or waffle mix for a delicious banana flavoured protein-packed meal.


Whey protein has been the staple in gyms for decades for the support of lean muscle tissue and for good reason. Whey contains a high biologically active protein for muscle support, is low in fat and carbohydrates and contains some natural growth factors. The great news is that scientific advancements have now taken protein supplements to the next level.  The decades of scientific research since Whey hit the gyms has culminated in a vastly superior protein and collagen-rich supplement that can support your hard-earned muscle gain and allow you to reach your body goals.

Feed Collagen

But this is not simply a great form of protein. Remember, whey is good but collagen protein is better. Were you aware that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body? 30-40% of all the protein in your body is made of collagen² NOWAY® BODYBALANCE® is a hydrolyzed collagen protein, meaning it feeds the 30-40% of your body protein Whey barely touches, as well as the other 60-70%. This means better results, and given the hours you spend in the gym each week, you deserve them.

Did you know that less than 10% of your skeletal muscle mass is made up of collagen yet, 30% of your strength and power comes from this collagenous connective tissue? If it is power and performance that you are after, then you need to feed your collagen.

Figure 2. Stimulation of connective tissue compared to whey.³

Did you know

  • Collagen makes up 30-40% of the protein in the body.
  • Collagen is less than 10% of the muscle but generates 30% of strength and power

Tendon: collagenous tissue that connects muscle and bone

Endomysium: collagenous tissue that wraps every single muscle fiber

Perimysium: collagenous connective tissue that bundles several muscle fibers

Epimysium: collagenous connective tissue that wraps the whole muscle

Fascia: collagenous connective tissue that covers the entire muscle, located over the layer of epimysium

Did you know collagen is an alkalizing food?

This study on various foods showed a serve of collagen has some acid load as 100g of green broccoli.

Directions of use

Take 18g of NOWAY® in 250ml of cold water as a daily protein supplement. After exercise, consume 18g of NOWAY® to increase muscle mass and growth. 18g of NOWAY® consumed throughout the day when you are hungry may stop you eating something naughty as it increases fullness and may reduce excessive calories at the next meal.

14 reviews for Noway Protein - Banana 1kg

  1. Jamie McEacharn

    I recommend first time users try it with water on an empty stomach. Your stomach will feel strange but happy.

  2. Oscar Eggleston

    Unique protein with pretty good flavour.

  3. Archie Rusden

    This is a great tasting protein that mixes easy in your morning coffee. Adds great flavour and highly recommended.

  4. Will Liardet

    Really nice light protein, doesnt upset my stomach and awesome flavours!

  5. Kai Keast

    Awesome service and super fast!!!

  6. Matthew Cockram

    Great product would reccomend

  7. Ashton Moran

    This is the best protein I have had in a long time, flavours, texture and taste is amazing

  8. Jeremy Coane

    Great product, excellent service, will continue to use Supplement Solutions

  9. Tyson Conyers

    Awesome taste, goesbwith everything I need including my keto muesli that I bake…. Love it

  10. Leo Binnie

    Love the flavour with all the other goodness in it

  11. Christian Windich

    Love the flavour with all the other goodness in it.

  12. Elijah Harries

    Will never buy another brand again but ill never buy the Banana flavor again either!

  13. Lilian McGahey

    By far the best protein I ever purchased. I selected the Banana flavour and oh my god it goes sooo well with my smoothie.

  14. Hudson Richard

    I am lifting heavier & training harder and yet each day of training is a new day. Noway means no more Whey for me, 5 Stars.

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