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Rappd Neoprene Belt Lightweight with high quality neoprene, great support for your lower back and core. – Extra long Velcro strap for maximum security and support – Soft edge lining, won’t dig into skin – Wide range of sizes – Slim line design – Feel the difference! Common Uses – Shrugs – Squats – Deadlifts – Lunges – Crossfit Make a statement – wear Rappd!!!


Designed with functionality and efficiency in mind, the Rappd 6″ Training belt uses 9mm thick high grade Neoprene material which is second to none, providing support with a contoured design, giving the user the total core support needed to lift safely.

Can be used in most applications, but not limited to CrossFit, Powerlifting, Strong man, Gym training, Bodybuilding

  • High grade nylon threading
  • Heavy Duty Hook and Loop Velcro
  • Stainless Steel Heavy duty roller buckle
  • 9mm thick Neoprene
  • Contoured design for maximum core support and comfort

Size Chart

  • S – 75cm X 90cm
  • M – 83cm X 97cm
  • L – 99cm X 108cm

20 reviews for Neoprene 6" Belt SML Black

  1. Tristan Hope

    Best belt ive used for lifting weights ever. Love it

  2. Molly Helpman

    Very well made belt. Highly recommend it

  3. Bethany Dexter

    Awesome belt and I use it for all heavy lifting days

  4. Taj Jacobs

    Great weight lifting belt.

  5. Cameron Denton

    I like the fit & support of the belt while I am doing yard work. The belt takes the strain off from my lower back.

  6. Beau Hansen

    Great quality belt, provides excellent lower back support. Velcro strap easily adjustable. Very satisfied!

  7. Levi Heritage

    The belt is of excellent quality it fits very well and offers very good support for lifting, I need it to help lift my wife who is an invalid and so far it works great

  8. Marcus Matthaei

    Love it! Before I got it I was having lots of lower back pain after my 8 mile run. Since I started to wear the belt my back has a lot of support while I run and the pain is gone, I also use it to do weights!!!! Great purchase

  9. Lucas Earle

    I wear lifting belts when I work horses and dig in my yard. This one is well sized and fits the best of any belt I have ever tried. Being a lady this belt allows for my curves with out cutting into me. Some times I forget I have it on. It also goes lower on the back to give me extra support. Surprise; excellent all around belt and not too bulky under clothing!!

  10. Jordan Appel

    I needed a belt for back support on the gym. As regular gym member 2-3 times a week heavy lifting it help me a lot. Very comfortable to were it, easy to adjust around the back. It holds your back side tight and off from the weight pressure. Gives you stability and control on lifting. More then happy.

  11. Mason Kerferd

    It is exactly what my doctor told me to buy,very nice excellent shape. I have been using this for more then two month. I am gonna order two more for my brother. It is very good fitting you can work, exercise and drive, very comfortable I would definitely recommend any one to try it.

  12. Beau Mackness

    I am a professional gardener. I bought this belt to provide lower back support while I am doing yard work. I wear the belt for hours. This belt is comfortable and lightweight. It provides adequate support for lite work and lifting. I would not recommend it for heavy weight lifting but that is only an opinion since I don’t actually have any experience using this belt with that activity.

  13. Henry Hodges

    This belt is perfect. After using this it has helped my back on squats and barbell rows. I haven’t had anymore pains.

  14. Hudson Goold

    I only use it for working in the yard; shoveling, raking, lifting, using a chainsaw, weedeater, etc. I can tell a HUGE difference between doing work with it and without it. My back feels 10 times better when I’m working on our acreage and wearing it, vs working on the acreage and not wearing it.

  15. Hayden Vanthoff

    Over the past six years I’ve been lifting I have destroyed many shirts in my closet due to using a Lifting Belt with a metal buckle. I was always under the impression that if you lift heavy then to stay away from Velcro belts. After my last belt finally bit the dust I decided to give something different a try and possibly save a few shirts from looking like a hole puncher went crazy and put four holes in the front side of my shirts. I was actually pleasantly surprised with this belt as I was able to get it tight enough, it never budged and most of all, the material was comfortable enough that I could actually wear it under my shirt if I wanted to. Honestly this belt does the job just as well as a buckle belt, as far as the longevity of the Velcro I’m unsure, but no complaints three uses in.

  16. Nathan Anton

    Very happy with my Rappd training belt. Highly recommend

  17. Seth Herlitz

    Very surprised with the support Rappd
    Thanks for the recommendation

  18. Seth Hannam

    So surprised by the support this belt gives. The material is super strong and supportive. Thank you team for clarifying the main difference between the different model training belts.

  19. Aiden Tooth

    Best belt I’ve owned

  20. Marcus Tudor

    I had a Neoprene belt previously and just never gave me the support like the Rappd training belt. Thick quality feel highly recommended.

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