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MyoActive Peanut Ball is a fitness exercise ball that is specially designed to suit the contour of your spine.

It’s ergonomic design helps to access muscles and fascia, to reduce any side effects on skeletal alignment.

Use the Peanut Ball by applying your body weight to trigger blood flow to repair and alleviate muscle tissue tenderness.
Best tool to relieve calf pain after running!

MyoActive’s Peanut Ball are an effective way for instantaneous pain relief.

While the Peanut Ball works well for alleviation of pain in the back and neck area, it also assists in other regions of the body such as feet, calves, hip flexors, hamstrings, ITBs and shoulders.

18 reviews for MyoActive Peanut Ball

  1. Alannah Page

    Love using this behind the knee for leg and hip exercises or to use on my spine as I lay down for realignment.

  2. Samuel Bird

    Helps with neck support.

  3. Lara Chapman

    The Best Product ever! Truth. I haven’t even gotten to the part where I’ve used this to strengthen my core…but as support for neck at night, for my back~in the car for lengthy road trips. I will get to the core.

  4. Makayla Scanlan

    Nice product for relief of back pain

  5. Henry Elizabeth

    I am using this yoga ball to support my back nd neck whenever I need . Loving it .

  6. Elizabeth O’Flynn

    Great for back and working out.

  7. Lilian Terry

    This is a great addition to my exercise routine. It’s very sturdy and well constructed. I highly recommend.

  8. Sarah Rolph

    Use it for stretching and ab workout and it works great!

  9. Emma Gillison

    This is very similar to the ball i use at the gym. My trainer suggested it and it really does work. Its great for after surgery and to build strength. I highly recommend.

  10. Hudson Vosper

    This peanut is wonderful. It enable me to do more pilates rep without back pain and it also help me tighten my core muscle. I use it as back support while sitting straight on my office chair and sometimes as a neck pillow while traveling.

  11. Nicholas Dorsch

    This thing is great. I’ve already used it a few times and was surprised at how great my workout was with it. I also found it great to do some stretching with.

  12. Jake Lamond

    Back sufferer for years. the exercises one can do with this little peanut are VERY helpful

  13. Jonathan Whitham

    I carry this item especially when I need to fly for a long distance.
    It keeps my back straight so easily in a tiny space and helps to relieve any tension.
    If I stretch with having this on my back, I feel so good and relaxed.

  14. Anna Mendes

    This little thing works well. I have sat on it, rolled on it, lay on it for my lower back and it’s still going.

  15. Jonathan Bull

    I recommend this to every person I know with any sort of back pain. It’s a miracle working item.

  16. Milla Walter

    I just love this little thing. It really targets back and ab muscles effectively. I have exercise balls of various shapes and sizes which give me good ab and back workouts.

  17. Layla Rowley

    Some rad tunes on this album!

  18. Maddison Pound

    Does what it says it does, love the exercise sheets.

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