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MyoActive’s Lacrosse Ball’s are evenly designed for pressure to ensure accuracy in trigger point relief.
Use the Lacrosse Ball by applying your body weight to trigger blood flow to repair and alleviate joint and muscle tissue tenderness.
The most effective tool for back pain relief!
Comes with Corrective Exercise Sheets written by a Health Professional along with a reusable nylon bag.

MyoActive’s Lacrosse Ball is an effective way for trigger point relief.

MyoActive’s Lacrosse Ball’s are evenly designed for pressure to ensure accuracy in trigger point relief.
Use the Lacrosse Ball by applying your body weight to trigger blood flow to repair and alleviate joint and muscle tissue tenderness.
The most effective tool for back pain relief and to relieve other trigger points in the body.
Comes with Corrective Exercise Sheets written by a Health Professional along with a reusable nylon bag.

While the Peanut Ball works well for alleviation of pain in the back and neck area, the Lacrosse Ball is an effective way of applying pressure to your body’s varying trigger points, creating instantaneous relief and movement.

15 reviews for MyoActive Lacrosse Ball

  1. Summer Dallas

    Fantastic lacrosse balls for rolling out tight muscles and kinks from working out, decreased mobility, or just plain getting older. I put one in my gym bag to use after working out to roll out back/shoulder/chest tightness, and I put in my desk at work to roll out plantar fasciitis and also back/shoulder/chest (up against a wall). Great products for great price – and they arrived very quickly!

  2. Owen Goldstein

    I got these for my husband. He has had shoulder pain for months. Since using these to massage deep into the shoulder muscles his shoulder is much better. It has only been a few days and he is amazed at the pain relief already. We play sand volleyball almost every day and with the help of these massage balls he doesn’t have to take time off.

  3. Ryan Alder

    I love these! I usually struggle to find something that gets into the trouble areas of my back and shoulders while I am relaxing in bed. These fit perfectly and comfortably and help to relieve the tension in the knots that cause numbness and tingling in my arm. I can also use them while leaning against a wall or laying on the floor. They get the job done! I definitely recommend!

  4. Marcus Governor

    These massage balls are perfect for working those trigger points and muscle knots. I find them to be the perfect tools for rolling over the outside of my hips and breaking up the painful fascia there. The first few times I used them, the areas I worked were very sore for a day or so afterward, but as I persisted in using them, the soreness dissipated and those areas are now more flexible, smooth and free of pain.

  5. Alexis Grahamslaw

    I’ve been using these to relieve a lot of tightness on my shoulders and they are getting all the right spots! So far, the tightness has been getting better to deal with and having these lacrosse balls helps a lot.

  6. Harrison Leggett

    These have been a life saver. Bought them because I had these tight muscle in my upper back/traps. I get on the floor and roll these over all the nooks and crannies. SUCH A RELIEF! Also I’ve got some tight hips, and I roll these over my glutes which provide much pain relief

  7. Adam Crowder

    I use these on my upper and lower trap muscles. This is incredibly helpful for after working out, but also for people carrying a lot of stress. I carry my stress in my upper back/lower trap area as well as my upper trap/shoulders. This helps relieve the tension very quickly.

  8. Gemma McKean

    I bought these lacrosse balls as a modality to use in conjunction with my stretching exercises. They are high-quality balls that are very durable, hard, and get the job done.

  9. Lauren Medland

    One of the best purchases I have ever made. My lower back was hurting so bad I couldn’t think straight. I had some massages but they can’t feel your body like you can. With these I was able to pinpoint my knots and really hold the pressure on them like I needed. I feel like a new person now after being able to release the knots. Now I can knock them out before they become debilitating. Trust me you need these in your life especially if you exercise or lift weights.

  10. Beau Lockyer

    Since going out to get a massage is a lot more riskier than how it used to be, I decided to go back to these balls. Working from home with the same position all day will definitely break your body. My whole back was tight and started to feel the pain. However, with these rolling around the perimeter of the spine, it makes a world of difference. Good for glutes also. Think about going to the massage vs purchasing this for couple of bucks. I personally gained an amazing results with these.

  11. Caitlin Deamer

    These are like magic! They were recommended to me at physical therapy and I’ve never had anything that is more effective at relieving my shoulder pain.

  12. Joseph Nicholas

    I bought these because my personal trainer suggested getting a lacrosse ball to help with some knots in my shoulders and my hips. These balls are amazing! I like using them the best by laying on the floor and finding the knot on my back and applying pressure that way. I have only had them a few days and have already broken two huge knots in my shoulders! I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for relief from knotted or tight muscles. They are easy to use and a great value.

  13. Brayden Dacey

    The balls are of lovely color and great for their use.

  14. Zac Barwell

    I’ve tried several “self” massage tools, and the lacrosse balls are the best.

  15. Levi Fraire

    Best purchase, I use it everyday!

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