Liquid Chalk 50ml

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Liquid chalk is a great bit of kit to have in the gym or home if you’re looking to improve your grip or enhance your sports performance.

Weightlifting liquid chalk is the ideal solution for sweaty hands and improving heavy lifting. Very easy to use and apply.

  • Handy Bottle with Carabiner
  • Enables a stronger grip
  • Enhances sports performance
  • Long lasting formula
  • Quality ingredients
  • Over 75% alcohol (doubles as hand sanitiser)
  • Gym hygiene & mess free

Liquid Chalk

Rappd Liquid Chalk is the ultimate alternative to conventional lifting chalk. If you’ve tried conventional lifting chalk before, chances are you’ve experienced the inconvenience of having to chalk your hands between every lift. This variety has a long lasting formula that will take you through your entire workout without need for reapplication.

The chalk itself significantly enhances grip and prevents sweaty palms, which can interfere with your workout. This maximises your workout potential and can help you to reach your fitness goals sooner.

The chalk comes in a choice of a 50ml bottle or a 250ml bottle. This means there’s the perfect size for any workout – whether you want to put a small bottle in your gym bag or can make use of a larger bottle for home workouts. Plus, only a small amount is required for each workout, so the bottle should last well!


Our liquid chalk is ideal for:

  • Weight lifting
  • Rock climbing
  • Cross-training
  • Functional training
  • Pole fitness
  • Gymnastics
  • Anyone who requires extra grip for their workout


Directions – Shake the bottle before use. Apply small drop and spread evenly on hands and allow to dry. Wash hands after use and moisturise.

Keep out of reach from children

Ingredients – Magnesium , Alcohol

9 reviews for Liquid Chalk 50ml

  1. Hayden Margarot

    Such grip. So powder. Much chalk. Weight lift. Wow.

  2. Jasper Thom

    100% happy with this product. Very cool idea.

  3. Cooper Gilfillan

    Love this liquid chalk, exactly as described. Thanks guys

  4. Cooper Laidlaw

    Have been using the Rappd Liquid CHALK for 6 months and I highly recommend this product. I personally use this for indoor rock climbing.

  5. Jaxon Dwight

    Use the liquid chalk for rock climbing. Great value.

  6. Jordan McGovern

    Help me heaps with my deadlifting. Love this brand..

  7. Sebastian Bland

    Lasts forever, Best investment for training.

  8. Brayden Russell

    Long lasting and next to zero mess

  9. Harrison Skipper

    Love this brand! I buy this liquid chalk for my gyms. Minimal mess and grip lasts a while.

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