Lime & Cucumber Water 750ml

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Cool Ridge Still Flavoured Water is a hydrating and tasty alternative to plain water and the drink of choice for those on the go!

  • With no sugar and no artificial flavours – and just a hint of natural fruit essence for added refreshment

Give your workout a boost of fruit flavour with Cool Ridge Lime & Cucumber Spring Water. Combining Cool Ridge Spring Water with a hint of Lime & Cucumber essence, this tasty drinking water is a fun way to stay hydrated throughout your workout.

  • Cool Ridge Spring Water with added Lime & Cucumber essence
  • Made without added sugar
  • Made with natural flavours
  • Contains no juice
  • 100% recycled plastic bottle




Country of Origin:



No Added Sugars

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool dry place.

Suitable for:

Instant hydration throughout the day.



Nutrition Information

17 reviews for Lime & Cucumber Water 750ml

  1. Lilly Dunrossil

    Have tried several spring waters and this is my favorite. Best flavor and packaging

  2. Declan Rivett

    This water tastes so good you’ll want to keep drinking it all day. My daughters like it too. Smooth.

  3. Samuel O’Neil

    Clean taste. Perfect no waste size.

  4. Kayla Northfield

    This water was a great replacement for my other water. I will be ordering this one from now on.

  5. Spencer Babbage

    The taste will always be unique, love this water

  6. Dean Jensen

    This water is so refreshing.

  7. Brooke Ahuia Ova

    Excellent water tastes very good will be buying more

  8. Jake Burbury

    Absolutely the best water I’ve had in awhile

  9. Mackenzie Cummins

    This water is so good. Tastes clean and smooth.

  10. Mitchell Prout

    Delicious. This water just tastes better.

  11. Joshua Schey

    This is truly excellent quality water, very pure taste. I just wish it was available in glass at this price.

  12. Xavier Makinson

    This water is very tasty. It is very cool to drink it after doing exercise. It has very pure spring water taste.

  13. Tyler Buddicom

    My favorite water. I have tried many other types of water. This one is the best for the price and flavor. Period.

  14. Samuel Hopetoun

    Taste great and good quality🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍

  15. Hayden Neale

    Best water everrr. Love the taste and saw the change in my body the moment I started to drink it. It’s like an energy drink it give me so much energy.

  16. Ashton Coburn

    I love the taste of this water!!!

  17. Isaac Hoadley

    I like this water. I am a bottle water snob and always searching for a good tasting water at an affordable price.

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