Lifting Chalk Ball 85g

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Our premium grade chalk allows maximum performance when it comes to grip.


Rappd’s premium grade chalk allows maximum performance when it comes to grip.

  • Refillable
  • Handy
  • Minimal mess
  • Improved Grip Performance
  • Long Lasting
  • Quality Chalk


Dab your hands with chalk ball. Wash hands after use and moisturise.

Keep out of reach from children


Magnesium Carbonate

20 reviews for Lifting Chalk Ball 85g

  1. Hunter Waddell

    Great stuff nice grip and ball keeps the chalk pretty well contained. My hands are not as dry that I get from other chalk. I am usually climbing every other day so this product has been tested at least two to three times on the indoor walls.

  2. Alexis Truchanas

    Works good! Helped me get after them weights!

  3. Owen Winchcombe

    The included chalk was great, and whereas my buddy’s random brand bag kept opening and losing all its chalk, I haven’t had an issue with that with this bag.

  4. Madeleine Ethel

    Chalk worked well. I did end up dumping it out of the ball, directly into my chalk bag since I felt like took a lot of effort to get my hands dusty enough. But overall it is a great product, and the chalk doesn’t mess up your skin! Well made chalk.

  5. Alexis Laurie

    This chalk is fantastic! I actually bought it for weight lifting…especially kettle bells, and I love it! Such a small amount is needed you hardly even see the chalk on your skin. It lasts for a long time before you have to reapply, and there’s barely any puff when applying. Wonderful product. Will definitely be buying again.

  6. Tristan Lock

    The chalk comes out of the ball easily and so far seems sturdy. The ball itself is soft, and didn’t have that cotton sock feeling that some cheaper ones have.

    The chalk is amazing. I’ve tried different brands from cheap blocks, to stuff I’ve purchased from Rogue. Hands down this is the best.

  7. Madison Wilks

    I personally didn’t use the chalk. I bought it as a gift for a friend & he loved it, said it was really good. since the chalk comes in a bag it may spread easily throughout his hands, it last longer, and obviously transportable.

  8. Audrey Bass

    I loved using this chalk ball. Leaves very little mess and always just the right amount on my hands. I do combined it with a little loose chalk in the bag. Using it on its own could take sometime to saturate your fingers properly. i love how smooth and dry my hands using this. Great extra grip and easy to clean!

  9. Katie Sizer

    Keep the chalk ball in a small container in my gym bag and always works a treat for my sweaty hands.

  10. Michael O’Conor

    Nice consistency chalk. We have been using in our arm wrestling comps

  11. Will Dougherty

    First time having my own chalk and I will never go back to using a communal chalk bowl again.
    I kept the package as its sealable then throw in my gym bag.

  12. Riley Noblet

    Quality chalk, improves my training with minimal mess.

  13. Charlie Braim

    Re ordering chalk ball. Last one has lasted me 3 months. Great product and value.

  14. Blake Hardwicke

    Aweosme product. Keep 4 in our Powerlifting gym for our members. Less work for us, as this leaves minimal mess.

  15. Ryan Costello

    Great product. Highly recommend

  16. Cooper Marden

    Really helps me with my deadlifts and the ball lasts really long too

  17. Mitchell Mortlock

    I have used other brands in the past and the reason I keep buying this product is that the bag allowed just enough chalk to come out so there is minimal wastage.

  18. Tyson Holme

    Works a treat, always bring my Rappd chalk ball to the gym with me.

  19. Finn Hooke

    Being a Gymnist for over a decade I have used my fair share of chalk. Love this chalk and really helps my grip. Wrist wraps are awesome too.

  20. Thomas Siebenhaar

    Love the added grip. Lasts a while too

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