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Gatorade has proven time and time again to keep athletes hydrated and performing at their best. Original Gatorade delivers a unique formula of sodium, potassium and essential carbohydrates to your muscles and mind during the heat of battle. Rehydrate, replenish and refuel with Original Gatorade and maintain high levels of performance when it matters most.

The no.1 sports drink on the planet scientifically formulated to help replace what you lose when you sweat

  • Fluids and electrolytes to promote complete hydration
  • Carbohydrates to refuel working muscles
  • The only sports drink backed by over 50 years of scientific research
  • Rehydrate replenish and refuel
  • During exercise drink between 200-1000mL per hour
  • Carbohydrate replacement needs will differ by individual
Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients
Water, Sucrose, Glucose, Food Acids (330, 331), Monopotassium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Flavour, Colour (110)
Nutrition Information


Quantity Per Serving Quantity Per 100g(or 100mL) % daily intake
Energy (KJ) 103.0 kJ 7.0
Protein 51.0 GRM 12.0
Fat – Total 103.0 GRM 7.0
Fat – Saturated 103.0 GRM 7.0
Carbohydrates 6.0 GRM 12.0
Dietary Fibre – Total 103.0 GRM 7.0
Sodium 51.0 MGM 12.0
*Percentage Daily Intake per serving. Percentage Daily Intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700 kJ. Your daily intakes may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.

17 reviews for Lemon Lime 600ml

  1. Hunter Becher

    Great Gatorade taste flavor and fast shipping

  2. Samuel Skene

    They are great for sports and staying hydrated. Taste great.

  3. Adam Renwick

    This is perfect for my warehouse. And hot sunny days, any days actually, to stay hydrated. Good flavors in the variety pack. A good price.

  4. Jaxon De Burgh

    Items as described. It was those exact flavors. There was no damage to my package. I love Gatorade. I would recommend this to anyone who loves Gatorade or wants to try out Gatorade.

  5. Isabel Ransom

    Taste great! Perfect size to pack for lunch or even have with a snack or meal. Easy to carry/hold. Taste just like the same great orange Gatorade.

  6. Adam Leitch

    Will be purchasing these again! Great price and value. I believe these are cheaper than what I have seen in stores lately.

  7. Charlotte McKenzie

    Best flavor of Gatorade. I drink this stuff quite often. Never disappointed.

  8. Zoe Abercrombie

    Gatorade is a decent drink for getting needed electrolytes.

  9. Jamie Cockett

    Since summer has been so hot Gatorade helps to hydrate the body during tennis matches. Product was delivered quickly.

  10. Lucinda Rudd

    This product was used for a colonoscopy because of it’s electrolyte properties. Flavor is fresh and taste good.

  11. Mitchell Street

    Great flavor and wonderful after a workout or illness. It was left at the neighbors house but no problem, I got it the same day. Good price and quick servic

  12. Caleb McGahey

    This is the only thing i drink besides water. I don’t drink any juices or sodas. My favorite flavor and helps when my energy is low from a lack of electrolytes.

  13. Will Bold

    Wonderful and delicious 😋 so glad to be available in here.

  14. James Easterbrook

    It’s the original Gatorade. If you’ve tried this you know it’s great. If you haven’t tried it .. well, this is a good deal, so give it a try. It’s the original and best flavors of Gatorade,

  15. Marcus Lonergan

    I’ve always been a huge gatorade fan, and this is no exception. I like almost all flavors and varieties of Gatorade,

  16. Daniel Loader

    I actually have used gatorade for myself as a replacement drink when I was running in the heat, but this time I got it for my dad. His caretaker said he needed something that would promote him to drink more liquids and to be more hydrated so I ordered the gatorade in bottles. He likes the taste and will drink this when he tires of plain water.

  17. Austin Ten

    Usually I’m a water drinker, but sometimes I need my electrolytes. Gatorade saves the day on road trips and when I’m sick. The lemon flavors are my favorite, and now I’ve got my son hooked on them, too. I will definitely order these again.

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