Leather Belt 4″ XL Red

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RAPPD Weight Lifting Belt 4″ Pro Series Leather

  • Stainless steel Quick release buckle
  • Genuine leather
  • Stainless steel rivets
  • Garment leather on face of belt
  • 10 adjustment points allowing for weight fluctuation
  • Heavy duty Nylon double stitched

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the benefits of using a weightlifting belt is to increase intra-abdominal pressure, or pressure in your abdomen, during heavy or strenuous weight lifting. This pressure creates a rigid core, stabilizing your spine and helping increase your maximum power. This pressure also keeps your spine from collapsing under heavy weight. You can create your own intra-abdominal pressure by breathing in, holding your breath, and pushing out with your stomach muscles, a move called the Valsalva maneuver. The weight belt gives your stomach something to push against, increasing your pressure.

Rappd have a wide range of gym gear to suit any fitness application ie. CrossFit, Functional training, Bodybuilding, Weight lifting, Olympic lifting, Strong man, Powerlifting, Strong woman or Home fitness.


20 reviews for Leather Belt 4" XL Red

  1. Alica Griffin

    This belt keeps my waist tight and my lower back protected during my heavy lifts. I do bodybuilding so I need a belt that is durable an strong to support me during training and this belt is the one for me. strongly recommend.

  2. Victoria Rickard

    Present for my son. Great value. Perfect fit

  3. Jett Myer

    I bought the rappd belt a little while ago still in good condition like when I bought it it’s a really good belt really comfortable to wear when doing squats definitely would recommend a friend to buy this product

  4. Lilly Belz

    Good strong product, really supportive good quality belt with fast delivery.

  5. Harry Balmer

    This is a tough and sturdy belt that looks the part and does a great job. Definitely a good purchase.

  6. Jaxon Keats

    Really good and comfortable Belt, its been used a few times so far and it does the job well.

  7. Jacob Blackett

    Excellent belt. I’m not a very heavy lifter but due to a dodgy lower back need belt-support when deadlifting. This does the job perfectly.

  8. Charli Sladen

    Great product at a great value. As with everything else bought from RAPPD, good quality, works well and reliable. The belt offers great support for the back while lifting. I wear mine a minimum twice per week and it works well.

  9. Annabelle Meagher

    My grandson really likes this belt, prefers the buckle to the Velcro fastener

  10. Madison O’Toole

    Helped maximise my life and took away the stress to my lower back. Very happy

  11. Riley Charlesworth

    Fantastic quality and fit highly recommended

  12. Ashton Wilshire

    Good quality belt for the money

  13. Julian Mackie

    Great item, good quality and looks great.

  14. Oliver Jeffries

    Great value for money. Buy a size up from what you would usually get. Use the size guide in description

  15. Adam Tyers

    Very sturdy material, great quality and comfortable to wear. Would recommend it to anyone who is looking to use it and I would definitely be using this company again

  16. Hamish Greville

    It was important to get the right measurement and size, which fits properly when exercising. Very strong and good quality, and perfect delivery service. I am glad that I selected this model.

  17. Austin Earsman

    Really comfortable fit with excellent support in the right places without being restrictive.

  18. Xavier Pethard

    Nice and very supportive belt. I had couple of those and this was one of the best ones. I would definitely recommend it.

  19. Andrew Abigail

    Well priced and effective

  20. Oliver Dow

    Good fit great quality would definitely recommend.

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