G2 Low Sugar Citrus Burst

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Our lightest way to help replace what you sweat out. G2 hydrates with the same electrolyte formula of Gatorade Thirst Quencher, but has less than half the carbs and calories of the Original G.

Half the sugar. All the electrolytes. Made to keep you hustling. G2 hydrates with the same electrolyte formula of Gatorade Thirst Quencher but has less than half the carbs and calories.

  • When you sweat, you lose more than water. G2 contains critical electrolytes to help replace what’s lost in sweat.
  • Top off fuel stores with carbohydrate energy, your body’s preferred source of fuel. G2 has less than half the carbs of Original Gatorade.
  • Half the calories and all the electrolytes that the original Gatorade Thirst Quencher brings to your game.
  • Raspberry Lemonade flavor
  • Gatorade bottles are recyclable



Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Citric Acid, Salt, Sodium Citrate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Sucralose, Modified Food Starch, Acesulfame Potassium, Glycerol Ester of Rosin, Red 40


Nutrition Infomation:



Instructions: Refrigerate after opening.

13 reviews for G2 Low Sugar Citrus Burst

  1. Ashley Spofforth

    I buy this because it is lower in sugar and I really like the taste and flavor of this product

  2. Alexander Bleakley

    I buy lots of Gatorade for baseball season every year. These flavors seem tasty (they are for my kids) and they were delivered quickly.

  3. Leah McNulty

    I love G2. I am an actively competing national level heavyweight bodybuilder, and when i go in full depletion, these are a great way to restore some electrolytes to my body without cramming down

  4. Patrick Rodius

    Great product! I drink it most all the time!

  5. Layla Schlunke

    The hubby and I love the taste of this beverage. The price was very reasonable, too!

  6. Joel Bennet

    So delicious and quenches my thirst every time!

  7. Zara Southern

    Has a great taste. Wouldn’t know it’s lower sugar.

  8. Christian Griffiths

    Perfect product perfect price. I will definitely purchase this product again.

  9. Mariam Onians

    Great snacks for my husband at work without the hassle of going out! The same as the store!

  10. Luke Curley

    I was skeptical at first because they were sugar free. I like the blue flavor better and red taste like fruit punch.

  11. Daniel Israel

    Perfect Drink when u work out

  12. Dominic Briggs

    Love this for hydration

  13. Patrick Jerger

    My kids loves these flavors and they are convenient to bring on road trips and school lunches.

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