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RAPPD CrossFit Grip (G Grip) Maximise protection and grip, without the compromise of feel. We have incorporated a 2.25” wrist band to give your wrist added support. Unlike many other CrossFit grips Rappd G Grips are easy to apply, as there is no Velcro close system, just slide the wrist band on followed by the fingers and your ready to smash out your wod.

  • Easy to use
  • 3 finger loop
  • Durable Cotton and Elastic
  • Works well with chalk
  • Washable
  • Puts your mind at ease, shaving time off your Pull Ups, Toes to Bar, Bar Muscle Ups and more.
  • Durable leather protects your hands from tears, rips & blisters

Rappd G Grips will protect your hands from tearing and assist with your grip, without the compromise of feel. The wrist band is very comfortable and thin, so you can incorporate wrist wraps if you desire.

Stay on the bar longer and push for those extra reps!


Ideal for:

  • Pull Ups, Chest to Bar, Toes to Bar & Barbell Movements.


Rappd Chalk Ball will definitely complement the G Grip for maximum grip.

Best CrossFit palm grips on the market!

19 reviews for G Grips - Small

  1. Rebecca Rogers

    I’ve tried many different grips and these are by far the best! They grip the bar very well and protect your hands.

  2. Ben Mansell

    I really like these grips. I use them primarily for CrossFit. I have ridiculously sweaty hands and these definitely keep a good grip. It took a couple of workouts for the holes to feel not quite so sharp, but they’re definitely of high quality. You’ll love them. Definitely worth the price of admission.

  3. George Finch-Hatton

    These make gripping the pull-up bar so much easier. Great grip and no sign of tearing or ripping. I will definitely buy more when these wear out.

  4. Brodie Dumolo

    I’ve been wanting these for awhile, so glad I finally got them. They really help save my hands while practicing pull ups and T2B during Crossfit. Definitely recommend.

  5. Will Sissons

    If you buy a pair of these for someone else, make sure you buy a pair for yourself… Wasn’t sure how I’d like these grips so bought a pair for my wife to test after she mentioned her hands get sore gripping the pullup bar. She loved them so now I am ordering a pair

  6. sHayley Leichhardt

    This is my second time purchasing these grips. I’ve had my first pair for a few years now and the Velcro finally wore out on the wrist straps. Very protective of my hands. I haven’t ripped or experienced any issues with pull ups or toes to bar since owning and using this product.

  7. Elijah Hall

    I bought these as a recommendation from a friend who crossfits and I love them.

  8. Amy Bevan

    I started CrossFit about a year ago. I wanted to get a set of high quality grips for the bar because my hands would hurt to bad to get back on the bar and I was terrified of the big bloody mess of tearing your hands. I absolutely love my grips. They fit perfectly and don’t slide on the bar. I’m not afraid of my hands getting sweaty (which they do a lot) and flying off the bar (I’ve seen the videos- they’re not pretty). Would highly highly recommend

  9. Lauren Lowrie

    Have had good luck with these gloves. Protects my hands, good grips. Easy to wash.

  10. Jaxon Darker

    I’ve tried many other CrossFit grips for my hands, and none of them felt as comfortable or effective as these ones. I wear these for my pull-ups and muscle-ups.

  11. Jai Schnaars

    I have been working out for many years. These are the best gloves I have owned. Very minimal material in the palm area. Does not bunch up In the hand. The wrist straps are a added plus. Don’t need sepereate wrist straps and palm grips. THIS IS ALL IN ONE.

  12. Ryan Kerferd

    Great product, I bought my first pair almost 4 years ago before I had to replace them. They protect your hands on any butterfly movement without the grip being to thick. These wraps are perfect for any high volume snatch or clean and jerk workouts

  13. Ryan Masson

    Great for small pull up rep counts. I really enjoy them with all bar workout for lifting.

  14. Thomas Slattery

    I’ve been doing Crossfit for well over a year now and have tried a few different pairs of grips/wrist wraps. These are the best I’ve tried by far. I’ve had problems gripping the bar with other gloves but the design of these works flawlessly. They protect my hands but allow me to grip the bar really well. The wrist support is better than the others I’ve used too.

  15. Zac Cremin

    I’m new to cross fit, within 3 weeks I realized wrist straps and protection were needed. These provide the right amount of coverage and support.

  16. George Harker

    Definitely worth the price. Great wrist support and comfort for gripping weights. Durability, not sure yet. I only used it once and will continue to use them. I’ll see how they do after a week or so.

  17. George Harker

    This is the first time I’ve ever used grips so I don’t have anything to compare it too. I’m learning muscle ups, and doing a ton of pull ups etc, and my hands were ripping every time. These grips have been perfect for me so far.

  18. Seth Tiegs

    They really help save my hands on heavy grip workouts that may be back to back days. I have not used them for barbell work but only because a little chalk and my hands are good. Prior to the 3 holed grips, being heavier Nd new to crossfit my hands would get trashed on the basic gymnastics moves such as pull ups and toe to bars but the 3 hole carbon have been a game changer. I can not say enough about how happy I am with them

  19. Kai Hodel

    I have owned a CrossFit box for 5 years and I have tried all the major brands and nothing comes close to Rappd

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