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RAPPD CrossFit Grip (G Grip) Maximise protection and grip, without the compromise of feel. We have incorporated a 2.25” wrist band to give your wrist added support. Unlike many other CrossFit grips Rappd G Grips are easy to apply, as there is no Velcro close system, just slide the wrist band on followed by the fingers and your ready to smash out your wod.

  • Easy to use
  • 3 finger loop
  • Durable Cotton and Elastic
  • Works well with chalk
  • Washable
  • Puts your mind at ease, shaving time off your Pull Ups, Toes to Bar, Bar Muscle Ups and more.
  • Durable leather protects your hands from tears, rips & blisters

Rappd G Grips will protect your hands from tearing and assist with your grip, without the compromise of feel. The wrist band is very comfortable and thin, so you can incorporate wrist wraps if you desire.

Stay on the bar longer and push for those extra reps!


Ideal for:

  • Pull Ups, Chest to Bar, Toes to Bar & Barbell Movements.


Rappd Chalk Ball will definitely complement the G Grip for maximum grip.

Best CrossFit palm grips on the market!

20 reviews for G Grips - Medium

  1. Andrew Pizzey

    Great product!! Saves my hands and helps with my grip👍

  2. Joseph Congreve

    Definitely worth spending the money and saving your palms..

  3. Sebastian McComas

    These grips provide amazing grip while doing pull ups.

  4. James Hamlet

    Best product out there for hand protection. I wish I would have bought them sooner.

  5. Summer Bullen

    Awesome quality and fit. Way better than leather grips, for me personally. Would totally get this one again

  6. Logan Norman

    Fit well and have really help protect my hands when doing gymnastics moves on the bar during my workout!

  7. Charlie Slade

    Very good worked well in several different ways

  8. Dakota Molesworth

    After buying numerous products like this, I find that these are the best ones out there. Worth the money – should have bought sooner.

  9. Ava Vincent

    Before getting these grips I was tearing up my hands every time I attempted anything that required hanging from a bar. That is no longer the case ! I am glad that I made this purchase.

  10. Claire Sturgess

    So far so good. The grips are comfy and have a quality feel. The 3 hole coverage is exactly what I wanted. Only used for a few times so can’t comment on durability but I think they will last their worth. Excellent product.

  11. George Stretch

    Used for Crossfit, they hold up nice and are keeping my hands clean. They grip well and are comfortable.

  12. Timothy De Maistre

    Solid grips, hold together well and get even better with time.

  13. Ryan Grimes

    Fit well and functional

  14. Mason Mackness

    My hands were getting destroyed during my CrossFit workouts and decided to bight the bullet and get me some hands straps and definitely made the right choice. They did not only helped with taking care of my hands but improved my workout.

  15. Spencer Boase

    Amazing product. Super comfy and does exactly what it’s meant to — hand protection.

  16. Michael Cramp

    Great grips use them for Crossfit. Have excellent grip on barbell.

  17. Kai Mileham

    These grips are very good quality. They haven’t stretched out like other grips I’ve had did. I am very satisfied with my purchase

  18. Brodie Abercrombie

    Great for crossfit toes to bar and pull ups to save hands.

  19. Xavier Erlikilyika

    So far they’ve been great for me, my hands sweat a lot sometimes so having these help with that problem, they provide good grip by itself and are very comfy, also the materials and construction are great

  20. Harrison Prerauer

    These work great for pulling movements and CrossFit bar work. I always tear my hands up doing toe to bars these work great and help you feel more secure on the bar. I’m in sure how I feel about the finger holes I use them alot without putting my fingers in .

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