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G Active Water are a great option for consumers who lead active lives and make fitness a priority in their busy schedules

  • Packed with electrolytes and vitamins, it contains no sugar and works to help replace what is lost in sweat
  • Contains electrolytes for enhanced hydration and replace what you lose in sweat, B vitamins, and natural flavours
  • It is sugar free and preservative free

Gatorade G-Active with Mango Mineral salts, vitamins and few calories to rehydrate your body, G Active with Mango flavor is a functional water, ideal partner for your physical activity.


Product Details

Get more from your water and your workout. G Active puts back in what sweat takes out with Electrolytes, B Vitamins and No Sugar to help replace what you lose when you exercise.
Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients

Nutritional Information

Electrolytes Carbs Calories
Sodium 270mg / Potassium 84mg 0g  30
When you sweat, you lose more than water. Losses in fluids and electrolytes can negatively impact performance. G Active contains critical electrolytes to help replace what’s lost in sweat. For those times when you don’t need the carbs, G Active offers flexibility, allowing you to personalise your nutrition to fit your current needs. The minimal kilojoule content of G Active complements your nutritional efforts, offering flexibility when customising your energy intake.

Product Information

Quantity per serving % Daily Intake*
(per serving)
Quantity per 100ml
Energy 30kJ 0.3% 5kJ
Protein 0g 0% 0g
Fat, Total
  – Fat, Saturated
Carbohydrate 0g 0% 0g
  – Sucrose
  – Glucose
0% 0g
Dietry Fibre, Total 0g 0% 0g
Sodium 270mg (12.0mmol) 12% 45mg (0.4mmol)
Potassium 84mg (2.4mmol) 14mg (0.4mmol)
Vitamin B3  2.5mg 25% RDI+  0.42mg
Vitamin B5 1.3mg 25% RDI+ 0.22mg
Vitamin B6 0.4mg 25% RDI+ 0.07mg

*Percentage daily intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700kJ.
Energy shield (FOP) 30kJ DI* 0.3% per bottle

10 reviews for G-Active - Mango

  1. Jonathan Molvig

    I have always had problems with leg cramps. I find if I drink one a day it usually eliminates them.

  2. Brooke Gough

    Tastes great. Not too sweet. Can find this flavor cheaper elsewhere. The orange and Mango flavors are a good deal

  3. Isabella Niland

    The product was great, as expected, and good value compared to other options.

  4. Alexandra Andersen

    give me an encourage to drink as many times as I like and this is the best way to keep myself hydrated during the working days

  5. Zachary Gerrald

    Enjoy the sugar free version a lot.

  6. Luke Goldsbrough

    Being a diabetic, I wanted a change and selected this product as a viable substitute. I lacks a little on flavor, but better than plain water.

  7. Lara Rossiter

    This is my favorite flavor. Bring one along when taking a 2 miles walk in my hilly neighborhood or when going to the gym. As I’m avoiding a lot of carbs, it’s nice to find a beverage that both quenches my thirst and helps with weight loss.

  8. Leo Waldock

    Love The Taste Of This G-Active Gatorade. No Aftertaste & Really Hydrates You. Would Definitely Recommend This Drink To Anyone. Gave It 5 Stars & Would Have Given More If I Was Allowed.

  9. Poppy Todd

    Really enjoy this drink though have been struggling to find it in store.
    Got it on here and tastes great while being low calorie. A little more flavor than just water without too many calories. Just a few per bottle. Order online and get it the next day. Couldn’t be happier!

  10. Seth Sticht

    Good stuff. Flavor is bland but for G -active this is pretty good. The favorite of the bunch. Nice big bottle to take a few plugs. If thirsty, this stuff works.

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