Figure 8 Lifting Straps Black

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RAPPD Lifting Straps Figure 8

Great addition to your repertoire, as they will aid in grip and help you train the desired body part without forearm fatigue and grip fatigue.



  • Improve your lifts
  • Maximise your workout
  • Reduce forearm and grip fatigue
  • 100% guaranteed



  • 100% Cotton
  • Neoprene padding


For those of you who have always wondered what the benefits of lifting straps are!
Lifting straps are an implement used by wrapping them around your wrists and then the dumbbell – barbell or chin up bar. This attaches the weight to your wrist, alleviating the strain on your forearms and grip.

Using weight lifting straps properly, will allow you to focus all your effort on the target muscle.
Putting this into perspective I will give you an example of the effectiveness of weight lifting straps. Let’s say you are doing a set of deadlifts and you aim for 7 repetitions. On your 6th rep your grip starts to fail and your forearms become overworked, making the last rep near impossible to complete.
If you were using lifting straps though, this would never happen, because your grip and forearm are taken out of the equation. You can then concentrate on working out your back for maximum muscle gains. You will also notice that with lifting straps you will be able to lift more weight immediately, intern this will give you the opportunity to gain more muscle.
So you should definitely consider using lifting straps on your back exercises such as deadlifts, barbell rows, Pull ups, chin ups and shrugs. Try not to over use the straps, as your body will adapt and get used to not gripping so hard.
To combat this try using the lifting straps towards the end of your sets and having a short break from using them, keeping your body versatile, also perform specific forearm and grip exercises, eg: wrist curls.
Lifting straps will help you on your way to developing that wide strong and muscular back that all lifters strive for.

Rappd have a wide range of gym gear to suit any fitness application ie. CrossFit, Functional training, Bodybuilding, Weight lifting, Olympic lifting, Strong man, Powerlifting,

21 reviews for Figure 8 Lifting Straps Black

  1. Alexander Rechner

    Great straps. Always used the traditional straps but wanted to try these. Will never go back!

  2. Edward Bathurst

    I am extremely impressed by this product. First time using straps and I’m looking forward to more workouts with this product

  3. Xavier Griffiths

    High quality straps. Really takes the stress away while deadlifting, shrugging, or for high reps. Good stitching, you can tell these will last and have a high weight capacity. Great price and fast shipping.

  4. Eve Rene

    Works great with heavy deadlifts and pull-ups

  5. Kiara Wynne

    I use the straps for doing dead lifts and shoulder shrugs so I can do more reps before my grip weakens. They work very well. Definitely worth the money.

  6. Seth Pearson

    These straps are great for deadlifts and shrugs, these straps help lock you into the bar or dumbbells you’re lifting and they’re heavy duty..You definitely want to get one of these.

  7. Brianna Hooton

    I love these! Very good quality. I’ve been looking for something like this for my heavier lifts for a while. Definitely a new favorite for back and leg days in the gym!

  8. Grace Temple

    They are very sturdy and comfortable. I would definitely recommend if you are interested in figure 8 straps.

  9. Lucy Gibbons

    These straps are very solid, great stitching and I’m confident these will last me a while. Easy and fast setup on the barbell with the 8-design. Far superior than any other straps in my opinion.

  10. Lily George

    I love these straps. Would recommend these

  11. Brodie Galea

    Very easy and comfortable to use.

  12. John Mewton-Wood

    I am completely satisfied with this product and I would recommend everyone to purchase and use these straps. Can’t go wrong!

  13. Anthony Fehon

    Great overall figure 8 lifting straps. I’ve only been using a few weeks but great so far and can seen them lasting a long time even with a lot of heavy lifting

  14. Caleb Stonor

    Good straps, nice and comfy on the wrist with the padding. I use them for doing snatch grip dead lifts

  15. Rory Foran

    Great and easy to use, seemed big to start with, but work their just the right size once you start working with them!

  16. Joshua Palmer

    Dont look anywhere else for lifting straps these are perfect, and the quality is superb.

  17. Darcy Bee

    They appear to be heavy and well built. I’ve just started using them but I believe they will last a long time!

  18. Dylan Allan

    These padded straps are stinking awesome! Comfortable and really lock your wrists into place. Easy to use and hella comfortable.

  19. Daniel Tayler

    Very helpful on dead lift. Much easier to use than traditional straps. Padding is very comfortable and material “sticks” to bar well. Highly recommended

  20. Christopher Grenda

    Very good product it really locks your hands to the bar I love it.

  21. Christopher Grenda

    Super comfortable and durable

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