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Rappd F Series training gloves are designed with lightweight quality fabric.

  • Washable
  • Release Hook
  • Quick Dry Material
  • No Leather
  • Compression Fit no Velcro needed
  • Prevent Calluses
  • Improve your grip

This slip on glove is a breeze to put on and take off with our fitted materials hugging your hand giving you a gloveless feel.

F Series Training gloves are ideal for any form of fitness training from CrossFit to Weight Training.

Release hook has been placed strategically below the centre finger for easy release.




Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Size XS, S, M, L, XL
Colour Grey, Blue, Pink, Green

20 reviews for F Series Gloves - Pink M

  1. Hayley McLaurin

    I am very happy with the quality of these gloves. The grip is great, too.

  2. Jade Georg

    These gloves have an amazing fit. They fit very snug and the pull tabs make them easy to remove. The padding is also very nice. I recommend it to anyone looking for a nice pair of workout gloves.

  3. Georgia Packard

    These gloves fit perfectly and are well padded. Easy to pull off with tabs. These are perfect for gym workouts for women!

  4. Jasmine Rowley

    These workout gloves are great! They fit well, provide good grip and just the right amount of cushion. Also, not too hot. Would recommend!

  5. Alica Allport

    Started getting callus after lifting and couldn’t have that, so I got these. Now i lift with no issues

  6. Matilda Howarth

    Excellent for all my workout needs with weights, rowing, and all machines. Great value and comfort fit! Highly recommend.

  7. Molly Donaghy

    Great comfort, Great Fit, Durable, the strings to pull off the gloves after work out are really handy. Use them for the gym always.

  8. Erin Dowling

    Received this several days ago. So far, this glove is much better than expectation in this price. If u are a beginner at gym, you will not be disappointed.

  9. Mackenzie Glyde

    These are very nice and comfortable, well padded. the callous I was developing on my hands has improved since I started using these gloves for working out.

  10. Kaitlyn Chisholm

    Extremely comfortable, excellent for my workouts. I’ve only had them for a month but the material seems to be quite durable. Definitely recommend them.

  11. Zane Ruth

    Love these gloves! They provide full support from the fingers to the wrist. The strap can be easily adjusted to your comfort.

  12. Alexander Glennie

    Great set of gloves. I like the extra wrist protection for lifting weighs, fit well, good gripping on palm, wash well. Great price for the quality. Vert happy with my purchase!

  13. Michael Neil

    Great comfortable gloves, fit is good. The grip is excellent. Only thing I would prefer and this is just a matter of preference, is a little more padding in the palm area. Great gloves still all in all.

  14. Toby Brownrigg

    These are the best workout gloves I’ve ever had. Very comfortable. Also comes with laces between the first and middle finger to help pull gloves off. Never saw that before. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  15. Patrick Cockett

    I receive my gloves and so far I’m very pleased with the gloves. They are very well made, good quality for the price and the pattern is just right and fit just like it’s supposed to. I will be purchasing two more. I would recommend.

  16. Leo Marin

    These workout gloves are better than I ever expected! They are beyond comfortable and protect my hands when weight lifting. I would definitely purchase these again!

  17. Blake Seager

    So far so good. Purchased a pair for weight lifting and liked them so much I purchased another pair for hiking.
    Very comfortable gloves with lots of padding in the right places.

  18. Jett Halligan

    These gloves have been great. Very comfortable and have held up pretty well after numerous workouts. I especially love them when using my cheap dumbbells at home with the metal, blister inducing, flesh tearing grips. Also really appreciate the pulls between the fingers that make it easy to take off the gloves, and the fabric used to wipe sweat. Great gloves!

  19. Caleb Crews

    I’ve owned numerous gloves for working out in my lifetime and these are by far the best!

  20. Charlie Desaillly

    The gloves fit perfectly and provide excellent support for my workouts

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