Broccoli Chips – Wasabi

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That’s right real broccoli, X50 Chip Style! Don’t like broccoli? Don’t worry! You will love these deliciously crunchy florets of goodness.

Your friends will all be asking about this snack, that’s for sure.  Now you can enjoy snacking the healthy way with real broccoli, gluten-free, fibrous and vacuum cooked to perfection. Go and enjoy!


X50 Broccoli Chips Wasabi Flavour 60g

Increase your vegetable intake with these X50 Broccoli Chips made from real broccoli! This superstar veggie is packed full of goodness and fibrous carbs which break down easily and can support your metabolism. If you’re craving the crunch, X50 Broccoli Chips Wasabi are the perfect alternative without all the nasties in regular potato chips.

They are vacuum fried to seal in the goodness using wholesome rice bran oil for its ideal fatty acid balance. With X50 Broccoli Chips it’s possible to be good even when you feel like being a little bit naughty!  A fantastic snack anytime, anywhere!

No Trans Fats
Pesticide Free
Source of Fibre
Vegan/Vegetarian using Non-GMO broccoli
Zero Cholesterol
No Preservatives
Freshly picked vegetables at their prime
Vacuum Fried to seal in the goodness
Includes 1 single packet of X50 Broccoli Chips Wasabi 60g.

11 reviews for Broccoli Chips - Wasabi

  1. Ethan Strahan

    So spicy and tasty, Will definitely purchase again.

  2. Blake McGibbon

    Couldn’t get enough! The freshness and flavour made me wanting more. The only downside is that you don’t get a full bag.

  3. Callum Balmain

    Delicious snack, crunchy and tasty

  4. Spencer Archibald

    Taste of product is high quality. Definitely a good one for a treat snack.

  5. Daniel Dodds

    Great snack much more filling than they look and incredibly moreish.

  6. Archie Reilly

    Amazing taste and wonderful flavours with all the crunchiness of crisps

  7. Will Boswell

    Got these to fill up my cart to reach the free shipping. So surprised this is actually quite a large bag and the flavour was super yummy! So will definitely order again.

  8. Hunter Jephcott

    it was delicious

  9. William Rodd

    I really liked the broccoli chips and it was delicious

  10. Hunter Koch

    Lots of delicious and healthy chips everyone should eat it

  11. Michael Carvosso

    Lots of delicious chips

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