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Rappd Ankle Strap

Heavy duty adjustable Velcro strap ensures a secure fit and peace of mind when lifting heavy weight.

Made with quality materials. High strength webbing and 2 solid stainless steel D Rings which distribute weight evenly on both sides of the ankle strap.

Heavily padded inner side to protect your ankles and skin from pinching and bruising.

One size fits all – sold as singles

  • 2 Solid D rings
  • Heavy duty Velcro system
  • Compatible for all cable machines
  • Heavily padded for your comfort

The Rappd Ankle Straps are designed to take your cable exercises to the next level while delivering the utmost comfort and support.



  • Lunges
  • Glute Kicks
  • Isolated Leg Curls
  • Hip Extensions
  • Cable Kick Backs
  • Single Leg Mountain Climbers
  • Inner Thigh Extensions
  • Inner Thigh Contractions
  • Standing Ab Crunch



Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm

20 reviews for Ankle Strap

  1. Caitlyn Santo

    Bought this so I am able to do glutes and adductor/abductor exercises on my weight machine at home. Works great for this exercises and easily adjustable strap. It stays firm with weight against it and fairs better than some others I have tried.

  2. Samantha Sterne

    This ankle strap is the best I’ve used in my lifetime this far. The ones at the gym are usually pretty thin and digs into my ankles while working out. I love how padded it is and how simple yet durable the make is.

  3. Isabelle Thirkell

    These are awesome. I have used them on a regular basis for months now and they are still holding up. I could never find these straps in my gym or they woukd only have one. That would mean i woukd have to hunt for them or wait for someone to get done and then i woukd have to take the one off between sets to change legs. I no longer have those issues plus they are nice and wide and don’t feel awkward. Bonus – the look really good.

  4. Anna Tyrrell

    I used this at the gym for the first time this morning and was impressed! For someone that goes to the gym (i try to) every day, I am pretty picky when it comes to my equipment and the durability of it. I found that the cushioning of this was amazing and it made it easy for me to complete my reps

  5. Alexis Todd

    I have used this for a couple of weeks and so far it’s worked great. I really like how it’s designed.

  6. Rose Godfrey

    I absolutely love this item!! It’s super comfortable! It’s freaking cute!!!! And it’s really padded. I highly recommend this.

  7. Maddison Fenston

    Love this strap!! Fits snug on my ankle with ample padding! Definitely recommend it!!

  8. Lola Zimin

    I’m so in love of these!!! I bought one first just to make sure about quality and so, but it’s perfect!

  9. Lilly MacLaurin

    This ankle strap is durable and gets the job done. Arrived on time, would def recommend.

  10. Sarah Edouard

    I absolutely love these ankle straps. I have very small ankles and they fit perfect and feel comfortable. I am able to to a number of different cable leg and hip extensions and other workouts using the cables with these straps.

  11. Spencer Geach

    Best Ankle Strap.
    Highly recommended. If your wanting a product that is strong and durable this is it.

  12. Dominic Brigstocke

    Love the Extra padding feels nice and really a quality brand. Highly recommend Rappd.

  13. Cooper Squire

    Best Ankle Strap we have used. So strong and comfortable.

  14. Henry Gotch

    Very good product. Commercial grade.

  15. William Knatchbull

    100% adjustable Love the straps and really get to put it to use for many different exercises.

  16. Taj Mais

    Super strong and comfortable

  17. Jayden Nothling

    Super strong product. Very comfortable too

  18. Zachary Thatcher

    Very comfortable with all the padding and love how the large D rings make attachment to cable machine easy.

  19. Tyler MacAdie

    We use these Ankle Straps in our gym along with Rappd dipping belts. Best products and quality made.

  20. Jordan Braine

    Adjustable and padded! So so good.

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