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Alpha Venus was made for women and just to prove that we put a pretty pink stripe on the bottle. If you choose to identify as a woman but don’t have ovaries you still can’t use it to get a menstrual cycle. If you are a woman that chooses to identify as a man but have ovaries and a menstrual cycle then it may still help if we haven’t offended you with a pink stripe and the link of pink to women. If you have recently made a transition and not sure read on.

Every woman knows that we have it harder than men – we put up with a lot, men for example and other issues like monthly hormonal fluctuations. We can’t help you with men, unfortunately. This may be “normal”, but not exactly ideal is it? Alpha Venus is creating a “new normal” which is why women love Alpha Venus. So why not feel and look the best you can? You deserve it.*

ATP Science’s Alpha Venus is formulated for women to help maintain healthy hormonal levels.

Alpha Venus is formulated for women to help maintain menstrual health and healthy hormonal levels naturally.

Our world is changing…

There are chemicals in everything! Every time we eat, breathe, apply a lotion or cosmetics and even in our healthy foods, country air, medications and supplements there are weird chemicals. Some of these chemicals have estrogenic or hormone-disrupting effects, others can change the way we detoxify and process all of our own body toxins, hormones, neurotransmitters and waste creating all sorts of problems.

Toxins are everywhere!

Exposure to the following factors may be associated with “estrogen issues” by changing how our body reacts to and detoxifies accumulated estrogen:

  • Plastics
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pollution
  • Foods
  • Cosmetics
  • Sunscreens
  • Genetics
  • Family history of Oestrogen dominance
  • Inherited genetic MTHFR gene polymorphisms
  • HRT and certain oral contraceptive pills
  • “Xenoestrogens”
  • EDC’s (endocrine disrupting chemicals)
  • Iodine deficiency and/or hypothyroidism
  • Folate deficiency

Natural support As mentioned previously, toxic exposure changes how we process chemicals in general. The enzymes needed to process toxins are the same enzymes that are needed for the general maintenance of hormones and our own internal toxins we make every day. If certain processes are sped up, slowed down or switched off; that can create all sorts of imbalances all over your body.

You can use specific foods and supporting nutrients to support your body’s natural detoxification and elimination pathways to help maintain healthy function in your body.

Broccoli Sprout, kale, daikon radish and Rosemary.

Broccoli sprouts, kale and daikon radish are considered very healthy vegetables. They have a particular compound in common, these foods are high in different forms of glucosinolates that create a natural chemical called Sulforaphane. Studies have found that glucosinolate containing vegetables and in particular sulforaphane activates Nrf2 in the body. Activating Nrf2 supports healthy detoxification of estrogen to help to maintain normal estrogen levels.

These Brassica plants along with other herbs like Rosemary also interact with the detoxification enzymes to help “reboot” the detoxification pathways so they continue to function normally even after toxic exposure.

Vitex agnus Castus

Vitex is well known to have beneficial effects in women’s menstrual health. Vitex may help support a healthy menstrual cycle.

Kelp and Iodine

Fucus vesiculosus (Bladderwrack) extract is a form of seaweed/kelp, that naturally contains Iodine. Iodine is deficiency can create many inefficiencies in multiple hormonal systems of the body, supplying adequate dietary iodine is also important to maintain proper hormone levels and estrogen metabolism. *


Folate is an essential nutrient for a natural detoxification process called methylation which is necessary to maintain proper hormone function.* It is important to maintain adequate dietary folate to prevent deficiency. Folate is involved in multiple systems and pathways in the body but it is extremely important in helping to maintain healthy estrogen levels.

Alpha Venus – Take Home Message

Alpha Venus is formulated for women to help maintain healthy hormonal levels*. If you have any doubts about taking such a product, please check with your health care professional to determine if you are a good candidate and how to best take.

22 reviews for ATP Alpha Venus 120 caps

  1. Timothy Waddy

    I love, love, love Alpha Venus. I was experiencing fatigue, lethargy, low thyroid symptoms and unexplained weight gain. Testing with my ND revealed estrogen dominance and compromised detoxification pathways. As a long time listener to the ATP Podcast, I knew about Alpha Venus and knew it would help me detox. After just a few weeks, energy returned and I lost weight. I now take a maintenance dose, because living in the modern makes avoidance of exogenous estrogens nearly impossible! I highly recommend Alpha Venus!

  2. Isabelle Raper

    I’ve been on Alpha Venus for quite a few months now and have noticed a significant change to my cycle. I’ve had years of prolonged bleeding, my two week break has finally become a 27 day cycle! A life changer.

  3. Nate Harrington

    Alpha venus is my favorite pick of all the ATP products since I suffer from acne and irregular periods. I dont consume diary or gluten and my skin still flares up! Since being on the Alphs venus my periods have become regular and my skin has cleared up like a porcelain doll! I have confidence in my looks that I didnt have before all because of this amazing product!! Thank you to the guys at Atp science!

  4. David Pigdon

    The one product I can’t live without…
    As a woman with crazy hormones, this has leveled out all the abnormalities in my monthly hormones. I used to want to curl up and die when that time of the month came round from the pain, it felt like I had little gremlins trying to rip my ovaries out… Now I can get through a whole month without the pain and all the other crazy side affects.

  5. Madeleine Dolling

    Alpha Venus is AMAZING. I literally thought being in epic pain every month, spotting mid cycle, getting splitting migraines and having no energy was just me…but after taking AV I discovered this was not so. I now have stacks of energy, no pain at that time of the month, very few few migraines and no spotting. I think the MOST AMAZING thing AV has done though was allow me to get pregnant. Drs told me I will have about a 2% chance of getting pregnant and now I have 10 month old baby boy!

  6. Keira Cumberlege

    I love it so far I’ve ordered more as they don’t sell it in my country.. keep up the amazing products

  7. Claire Mackrell

    It’s amazing! I love all your products honestly.

    Alpha prime is amazing!
    Recently changed to alpha Venus 😊 testing this one due to hormones.

    However using Cort has really helped my moods, balance out

  8. Tyler Wendt

    I have struggled with Estrogen Dominance for years and had been taking bio-identical progesterone & DIM for a few years until I discovered Alpha Venus. Have been able to stop taking those things and just use the Alpha now and feeling great.

  9. Tahlia Boas

    I use this daily and have been using all.these products for months I find it really helps with my recovery after training and I am less bloated. I swear by your products

  10. Hudson Faucett

    Great! I finally feel like myself again. I’m able to go without my morning coffee and I just overall feel better!

  11. Mikayla Ratcliffe

    These are great! When it was that time of the month I would get the worst cramps just before and become extremely moody, a month after starting these multis a noticed an immediate difference, I’ve been using ever since and recommended to a number of girl friends!

  12. Emma Tranter

    This mixed with some other lifestyle changes, i am happy to say my period is back after a 2 year wait!

  13. Hunter Slater

    Love this supplement. Will continue to order it!

  14. Will Hughes

    I started taking Alpha Venus as I have a history of severe endometriosis (have had 4 operations since 20yrs old; am now 31) and in the last year have been also getting bad *** symptoms and period pain. Scans have shown endometriosis and adenomyosis with a frozen pelvis. Since taking Alpha Venus for a couple of months I have noticed my *** mood issues seem to be a little more stable as I would become very depressed a few days before my period. I am still unfortunately experiencing bad period pain. I have also been using the Block E cream on my lower abdomen. Hopefully i’ll see more improvements over the next couple of months using Alpha Venus but am happy with the results so far!

  15. Spencer Hanson

    I’ve only been in the product for almost 3 weels, initially I was taking the wrong dosage, only 1 capsule twice a day instead of 2. The last week Ive been taking the correct dose and not sure if its a coincidence…..or the Venus working already, but this embarrasing thick hair I get on ny chin has just stopped coming through!!
    I’m looking foward to continued results!

  16. Emily Shearer

    I have almost run out now but I have definitely noticed a different in weight loss and my mood 🙂

  17. Rebecca Beeston

    I recently had my Breast Implants removed after getting very sick. A friend suggested Alpha Venus to help with my healing journey. Within three days I could feel a difference. I had more energy and my hot flashes were much milder than before. For the first time in many years I was able to work out four times in one week and sleeping like a baby. I will continue to use Alpha Venus.

  18. Flynn Wienholt

    I believe Alpha Venus is helping. I’m a 46 y/o female that had labs drawn about 1 week prior to starting Alpha Venus. My labs revealed I was extremely estrogen dominent. My Estradiol level was 467. Since starting Alpha Venus, the bloated feeling in my abdomen has gone away, my pants fit more comfortably too. I’m having labs drawn again this week, very interestied to see where my Estradiol level is now.

  19. Claire Mort

    I am 37 and at the age of 35, my body started going into peri-menopause. Hot flashes like crazy and losing weight became nearly impossible. My nutrition coach recommended Alpha Venus and my body went back into a normal state after two weeks. My periods became regular, I was able to lose weight again and my hair stopped falling out. I have been taking this supplement ever since. Nothing has regulated my hormones like Alpha Venus. I’m an ATP customer for life because of this product.

  20. Patrick Darbyshire

    Love this stuff. I was buying these ingredients separately but I couldn’t get all of them this is everything I take one bottle and it is awesome! I’ll be sure to order again.

  21. Madeleine Old

    To be honest; I didn’t put much thought into what to expect from this supplement but I was having a lot of similar issues to others who have used this so I hoped it would help combat some of them. Within 4 hours of using it I was actually feeling specific changes and had kind of a “okay- maybe this is something. I hadn’t had a real period since November (it’s February) and 2 weeks in; in line with my cycle tracking, I actually had a real cycle and don’t feel like junk. Had some debloating but honestly just the regulatory effect that’s happened has been enough proof it was worth the purchase.

  22. Max Wilmot

    I’ve tried many different supplements and this is the only one I can actually tell is working. My stomach was always bloated, every day, and that is gone. I’ve also noticed my *** symptoms have calmed down a bit.

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