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Cool Ridge helps you Do Good and Feel Good TM Stay hydrated with a leading Australian water brand. Available in a 100% recycled bottle (excluding cap and label)..
Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients

Cool Ridge Spring Water is sourced from quality Australian mineral springs. Perfect for getting your recommended daily hydration intake, this refreshing Aussie spring water is exactly what you need in the home, office or workplace. The 1lt bottle is made from 100% recycled PET.


  • Cool Ridge Spring Water 1lt
  • Australian spring water
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Crafted by nature
  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • GST Free


Safe storage advice:

  • Store in a cool, dry place. or cold temperature


A bit about the brand/more info:

Cool Ridge Water is a brand of Spring water. It is a division of Schweppes Australia.

14 reviews for 1lt Water

  1. Alicia Tebbutt

    Really love the refreshing taste. The type of water does make a difference. This helps with mild stomach aches, bloating.

  2. Caitlyn Colvin

    Good stuff!! Great price!

  3. Anthony Jeffery

    Very good quality water, if you want to spend the money go get it, because it is good for sure.

  4. Christopher Rylah

    I LOVE THIS MINERAL WATER! The taste is extremely smooth & it’s great room temp, cold or even slightly warm!

  5. Ashton Langham

    Got my water this time. In good condition. No spillage. Thanks for packing this with care. Appreciate it

  6. Oliver Benham

    Cool Ridge water is world renowned water brand with great tase and make you feel good.

  7. Abby Old

    I’ve loved the smooth velty taste of Cool Ridge for years! Nothing beats it.

  8. Abigail Gregg

    As someone who is very limited to what I can drink, and drink predominantly water, I’ve learned that not all water is the same. Not when it comes to taste. Cool Ridge is the best-tasting water I’ve ever had.

  9. Stella Horsfall

    Excellent ph-very good taste- good value

  10. Natalie Maitland

    For me this is one of the best tasting bottled waters

  11. Owen Archer

    Fantastic tasting water, if you’re a person who can tell the difference between sink water and spring water. This is better for humans than purified water. Purified water is more acidic. This is great tasting and best for humans.

  12. Cameron Greenwood

    I drank this water during my cancer treatment as you need to stay extra hydrated. This water is clean and crisp with no metallic or icky aftertastes. I drank this brand regularly.

  13. Julian Story


  14. Owen Lowin

    Good product. Delivery was made in time.
    Home test strips results are great. Ph level 8 plus, Alkaline level very rich.
    Definitely​ will recommend.

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