When you enter the gym nowadays you will be confronted by a huge range of machines and equipment. Two very popular workout equipment are the treadmill and the rowing machine. These two pieces of equipment can both provide a fantastic workout but choosing which to use can be difficult. A Rowing machine and treadmill are both highly popular exercising equipment. Now, there is a huge range of options for every possible workout you need, either you want to go for a run or hit the weights. Many people always ask the question of which machine is better – treadmill or rowing machine. Both machines have plenty of benefits however, many differences in the way people exercise their bodies.

What is a treadmill? The treadmill or running machine is a classic piece of gym equipment. Running on a treadmill removes all distractions and allows you to perfectly tailor your workout. You can adjust the speed and incline of your run to provide the perfect amount of resistance your body needs. A treadmill will also hit a range of muscles in your lower extremities.

What is a rowing machine? Rowing is designed to mimic the actions of propelling a boat through the water. To use one, you have to sit on a sliding seat and grasp a bar. These machines can be more complex at the start than treadmills. The main difference between this machine and a treadmill is there’s no previous training required to walk. Unlike running on a treadmill, rowing provides a full body workout. Between rowing and running, rowing is more suitable for long time regular exercise. It is also more ideal than lifestyle cardio fit for the people who are less fit for high impact exercises. Rowing not only strengthen the heart and burn calories but also provides other benefits which running doesn’t. If you are interested in low impact exercises that gradually strengthen your lower body as well as the upper body, then the rowing machine can be a perfect alternative.

But which machine is better in terms of muscle building?

Both treadmill and rowing machine have muscle building potential. The treadmill mostly affects the lower body muscles such as hip flexors and supporting muscles. When you run, you use the muscles of your lower body part. Your hamstrings, claves, hip flexors and quads move faster compared to the upper body part. On the other hand, when you row, both of your lower body and upper body muscles serve as primary muscles, and more muscles get strengthened. For this reason, both of your upper body and lower body are equally improved.

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