Booty Myth Buster
Am I squatting correctly?
The squat is one of the most beneficial movements but also one of the most technical movements. Squatting correctly is important and necessary to any mobile person; whether you’re a power lifter, once per week gym goer or even just a stay at home Mum, the squat should be a movement that is perfected and performed correctly.
Think about it, how many squats do you perform in a day outside the gym? None? Think again! Standing up at your desk, getting in and out of the car, picking up your kids toys or even bending down to get the item on the lowest shelf at the supermarket. Yup, that is a lot of squats! Also a lot of risks to cause injury or to gain strength through your legs and a perky booty (who wouldn’t want that!). It is all about how you perform the squat. Let’s talk you through the perfect squat:

  • Set your feet in a comfortable position roughly shoulder width apart.
  • Keep your chest high and shoulders back.
  • Break at your hips and knees.
  • Slowly sit back like your sitting on a chair.
  • Once you have reached depth (hamstrings parallel to the floor or lower) push back up through heels, legs and booty to the start position, squeeze all muscles and repeat.Keep knees behind big toe.
  • Tips:
    • Keep knees behind big toe.
    • Keep chest up!
    • Drive knees out not in.

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