Putting a dedicated fitness expert in your corner can net you invaluable expertise and support for devising a smart workout strategy, overcoming emotional and physical roadblocks, and getting the real results you’re after that is why the decision to hire a personal trainer is an empowering one. Establishing an optimal training relationship, though, isn’t as simple as strolling into your health club and booking a session with the first PT who has an open spot in his or her schedule. Here are the 10 tips to get the most out of your personal trainer.


Showing up your personal training sessions late is a waste of both yours and your trainer’s time. They won’t be able to complete the session as planned which will have a negative impact on your results. You also won’t be getting full value for money, as you’ll be paying the same price for a shorter session.


Not being ready to train is another time waster for both you and your trainer. Therefore, make sure you show up to every session in your fitness gear with your water bottle at the ready. Also, make sure you have fueled your body to train with a good meal and plenty of water.


While a small amount of talking is good for developing a bond with your trainer, your primary goal is to train. So make sure you keep the focus on your workout and keep the chatting under control.


To get the best results from your personal training sessions, you need to remain 100% focused during your time with your trainer. Therefore, leave your phone in your locker, don’t start conversation with other people mid-session and fully focus your thoughts on your training.


Even the best personal trainer and training plan won’t be able to compensate for an unhealthy diet. So if you want to get the best possible results from your personal trainer, you need to eat healthy and enjoy a diet that’s rich in natural foods.


If you aren’t enjoying certain aspects of your training program, certain exercises are causing you pain or you aren’t seeing the results you want, make it known to your trainer. Once you tell them, they’ll be able to adapt your training plan and address any concerns you have which makes it more enjoyable for both of you.


Your personal trainer is likely to ask questions about how well you’ve eaten and the exercise you’ve done since your last session. While it may be tempting to lie if you’ve let your diet slip or not done much exercise, this isn’t beneficial for you or your trainer. Instead, be honest and vow to improve for your next session.


“I can’t do it” or “its too hard” are not phrases your personal trainer wants to hear. It shows a lack of effort on your side and is the wrong mindset to have if you’re using a personal trainer. Instead, keep quiet and keep trying. If there’s an exercise you really can’t do, your trainer your trainer will understand but there’s no need to talk yourself out of it before you’ve even given it a go.


Your trainer may suggest new ideas and techniques that you’ve never heard of when working towards your goals. However, just because an idea’s new to you doesn’t mean it won’t work. Therefore, be open to everything your personal trainer suggests and trust them fully.


Training at a reduced intensity is only going to slow down your progress and reduce the benefit you get from each session. Therefore’ make sure you train hard and give it your all every time you meet your personal trainer.

Always remember, they are aware of your goals and they are working to help you achieve them. A bad attitude and snippy remarks are not only unnecessary but may cause you to lose a great personal trainer.


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